Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I attended the Ice Cream social at the Chateau the possible new home of Zuhrah Shrine. It is located at 10715 S Shore Drive in Plymouth Minnesota.
It was a wonderful but a great time. There was grilled Hot dogs,Brats, Ribs,and of course ice cream.But what we all really love is the social get together. I love to see everyone and get caught up .

This photo of Tiny the Clown and me( can you pick the real clown? or Cop? ha) was taken very early for as the evening progressed the place was packed.

I took a good look at the new place. I believe that this new faculity will serve us well and allow the Divan to get back to working on membership, program development, and important things that matter and what makes a Shrine Temple Great Again.

The membership will vote at the next stated meeting which I believe will be on August 12th. Its also the night of the Corn feed and grilled steak dinner.

YA new place, new Day and Zuhrah with a great tradition building a new future

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Minnesota River Valley Lodge #6

I was talking to my Brother Rich Hervieux of Minnesota River Valley Lodge a few nights ago.We were just checking in with each other. Rich mentioned he was helping his lodge with their big annual parade and fund raiser of the year. OHHHH we all know that it is the annual Kolacky Days in Montgomery Minnesota. So as Grand Master, I twisted his arm to invite me. So I had to bring my beautiful wife and middle daughter to experience Kolacky days.

The lodge has one of the best food booths of all of Minnesota....period the best! They serve a beautiful pork burger and a ear of corn dripping in real butter (in Minnesota Winters we dream of food like this is heaven sheer .....heaven baby!).

You can see the evidence in my hand and upon my face.....maybe even on my shirt.

Look at those smiles -- isn't that a priceless photo?

Well I'm not like any other Grand Lodge Officer. If I come to your event, I'm washing dishes or whatever it takes to help, and as you can see, today I'm filling balloons -- lots and lots of balloons. I think I filled a couple hundred myself. It was great fun.

One of the newest members James. What a great guy.....He is in the Air Force Reserve and going to College on the GI Bill. It was nice to spend some time and get to know him alittle better.

Hey I'm moving as fast as I can.....ok My daughter was also filling balloons and she was kindly advising or ribbing me I'm maybe not as fast as she was.

This is the Fire Truck owned by the lodge. They use it just for parades like today. The driver is Rich Hervieux. He is the brain child behind the 700 to 1000 balloons we filled and gave away. To children along the parade route.

You want a true awaking experience in this give a balloon (or hundred) to a young child. When they smile you think the heavens have opened and you are looking upon the face of the Angels.

This is the fire truck just before we left for the did we do?
Don't you want them to come to your town? WELL IF YOU ASK I KNOW THEY WILL.

Now did I tell you about Rich.......well he is my official photographer. He has taken my portraits...all three. His work is absoutely beauitful and he pays attention to every: yes every detail. Rich has been traveling with me across the state and documenting my official duties by taking wonderful photos. He provides beauitful images to those who cannot be with us.

OHHHH well today guess what....the photos you see here were taken by my beauitful wife Jane and myself. Why you ask??? Haaa thats because the Official Photographer Rich Hervieux forgot his camera.

Rich has a heart thats made of GOLD and I could not let him live this one down. Rich and I have many miles yet before us and if he brings his camera I'm sure you'll see the images.

Now what is a parade without a Shriner and a miniature car? Oh gosh a parade be without
them? Here is the HO HO Zuhrah Classic car guys.
These guys are a blast to watch. Some day I'd like to join them.

Ya know if a Cop or a Shriner eats at a place its gotta to be good. This is the food booth of the Minnesota River Valley #6.

My Daughter Sarah on top of the Fire Engine with all those balloons.

In my life I am surronded by women (Lucky me) and these are two who have stolen my heart. My beauitful wife Jane and my middle daughter Sarah.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hawaiian Shirt Night

My home lodge and our Brother Lodge Minnehaha host an annual joint July Lodge meeting.
This year theme was Hawaiian Shirt Night,and the meal was the best bar b que around. Provided by The Bones Brothers of Anoka Lodege.
It was truely a night to remember!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Last evening Braden Lodge #168 of St. Paul Minnesota celebrated its 125 Anniversary.It was a evening to remember,and i will for some time.
It started off with a wonderful dinner of: Texas Style Brisket
Carolina Style Coleslaw
Tapenade Tofu
Texas Baked Potato Salad
It was a very hearty and delicious dinner. It was pretty quiet in the dining room.The only thing you could hear was me scraping my plate. After dinner we went upstairs for a nice well thought out program.
A paper was presented on the history of the lodge by Erick Crail,then an address from a Past Master and the Eminent Grand Commander of Knights Templar Ray Hayward. Next was a Symbolic Reenactment of the signing of the Decaration of Independence. That well thought out piece was written by Matt Gallagher.Then a quick speech by myself.The closing was performed the Tylers Toast lead by John Stitely.

Another nice touch was the lodge had arranged to have everyone who attended to have their photo taken by a professional photographer.He had set upstairs in the library, it was a beauitful setting that was arranged.
The photo below is the Brothers of Braden Lodge. I took this with my brownie and thats why Im not in it.
It was a great night and I thank you all for letting me share it with you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zuhrah goes to Denver with the Grand Master

I was invited by the Minnesota Shrine Temples to join them to attend the 137 Imperial Shrine Session which was held in Denver Colorado. It was my first time Id ever been to a Imperial Session, and didnt want to pass up the opportunity. I had a great advantage over some other Grand Masters. Not only am I a Shriner but I am also a proud member of Zuhrah and my love runs deep for them.So I was not just a tag a long, but an a accepted Brother.

There is no better image for a parade than a Shriner driving a small car-dont ya just love it!
In this photo you see only Verl Raap, and Tim Jirak. But everyone from Zuhrah was just as special-Ted Martz and his wife Lori (she is a Saint right Ted!),Tony Kroll and Bev,Gary Sibben and his Son Justin, Al Niederhaus,Ross Hjermstad(who got me to sing songs performed by the Monkees---oh gosh) John Hanson, Mike LaVine,Brad Roberts,Jim Burlingame,and Darryl Metzger-who got me to laugh till I couldnt breath sometimes)
Every day we ate together,went to the sessions, talked,smoked Cigars,talked,laughed,they provided so much insite in Shrinedom,did I say talked and laughed?
Their cordial manner and smiles made you feel so welcome and accepted.I am thinking Im going to stay near these folks and Zuhrah for a long time.

Those zany guys from Zuhrah. I think Tim is checking his tan line.
This was a beauitful was huge. I wish I could drive it sometime.

I did find and talked with the Brothers from Osman, but never found the guys from Duluth

This was a trip I will always remember thank you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The International Peace Garden is 2,339 acres situated on the border between Manitoba and North Dakota, on the longest north-south road in the world and almost at the geographic centre of North America. It was dedicated on July 14, 1932 and has become a living monument symbolizing the two nations living in harmony along the longest unfortified boundary in the world. The Garden is a non-profit organization which is supported by, among others, several fraternal organizations: Freemasons; Order of Eastern Star; Oddfellows; Rebekahs; Daughters of the British Empire (IODE), and Knights of Columbus.

The International Peace Garden Lodge of Freemasons was formed in 1993 with Warrants granted by the Grand Lodges of Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota. The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan became a chartering Grand Lodge in 2000 by motion of the members. Its purpose is "to promote and enhance fraternal relations among Freemasons of North America and to assist in the expansion and maintenance of the International Peace Garden."

Membership in the International Peace Garden Lodge of Freemasons is open to any Master Mason for a once-in-a-lifetime fee of $50.00, providing the Mason is, and remains, in good standing in any jurisdiction in the world which is recognized by the chartering grand jurisdictions. At the time of this writing, total membership is over 835 with members from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Norway, Australia and the Bahamas.

Membership fees are placed in trust and may not be used for any purpose other than to generate interest which is used to defer operating expenses of the Lodge and other such expenditures as may be approved at the annual communication.

An annual meeting is held at the Peace Garden, usually in the Burdick Center for the Performing Arts, on the Saturday before the second Sunday in August, with arrangements in charge of the Chartering Grand Lodges on a rotating basis. Officers' titles and positions as well as the customs correspond to those of the Chartering Grand Lodge in charge of the arrangements in any given year.

The meeting deals with regular business and includes an inspirational speaker. Following the meeting, Masons and their ladies, usually enjoy some entertainment and a lunch in the Masonic Auditorium. If the meeting is tyled (for Masons only) there is a program arranged for the ladies.

The $775,000.00 Masonic Auditorium was dedicated in 1981 as a centennial project of the 20,000 Masons of Manitoba and North Dakota. It is built in the shape of the Square and Compasses and has seating for 2,000. It is the only building of its kind in the world.

As Grand Master I will be co-leading with the Worthly Grand Matron Doris Korthof the Minnesota Eastern Star a group to the Peace Garden.We will be leaving by motor Coach and staying in a hotel close by.There are a few spaces left,but you have to have a passport.