Friday, March 25, 2011

Things to Come

This was taken the day I posed for my officical portrait.
Looks pretty good now that I have lost 100 pounds since April 9th, 2010.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Team Minnesota Masons Freezin’ For A Reason

Team Minnesota Masons Freezin’ For A Reason

Minnesota Mason (Lake Calhoun, March 5, 2011)

Team Minnesota Masons, spearheaded by Deputy Grand Master Tom Hendrickson rallied the troops and made a splash of a team consisting of 13 Masons from different lodges throughout the Minneapolis Metro area, raising approximately $6,000.00 for the Special Olympics of Minnesota Polar Bear Plunge, March 5th at Lake Calhoun.

After a quick briefing of temperatures, precise cannon ball or belly flop instruction, Team Minnesota Masons took to the plunge line to attend the task at hand. With determined eyes and quick like strides, Team Minnesota Masons made their way to the plunge hole.

The men jumped with precision and grace into Lake Calhoun. Some jumpers tried to maintain their smile upon exiting the jump hole, however it was later admitted it was too cold to hide the simple fact it was freezing cold.

Team Minnesota Masons was recognized and received lots of cheers and other encouragements from the crowds, often receiving shout outs and posing for a few pictures from enthusiastic and excited spectators.

After a quick warm up in the provided hot tubs, Team Minnesota Masons and friends met at Bunnies Bar and Grill for burgers and to plunge reminisce.

This is the 14th year of the Polar Bear Plunge. Monies raised goes to the Special Olympics of Minnesota bringing together children and adults with intellectual disabilities and uniting them in various sporting events based on skill level.

Team Minnesota Masons Jumpers:
RWB Tom Hendrickson, Cataract #2; MWB Andy Rice, Tuler-Summit #263; WB Robert Darling, North Star #23; WB John Gann, Sir Winston Churchill #351; WB Matthew Lundgren, Minnehaha #165; District Representative No. 36 Kris Pich, Lake Harriet #277; Charlie Henrickson, Tusler Summit #263; Doug Beach, Minnehaha #165; Matthew Fuller, Minnehaha #165; Jason Pibal, Minnehaha #165; Robert Peterson, Minnehaha #165; Paul Scofield, Minnehaha #165 and District Representative No. 25 Rick Wallace, Star of the East #33.

Special thanks to Brother Bob Peterson for all his assistance and hard work.
Excellent Photos taken by Brother Rich Hervieux
Be sure to check out the Polar Bear Plunge Tour Dates for next season!

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" Lead by example is my motto"

Its cold dont let any body fool ya!
A happy band of Brothers

Dry and wearing our new shirts
Its all about the Brotherhood!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Masons in Motion-running Twin Cities Marathon

It’s about being a Mason … in motion.

Masons In Motion is about giving back. It’s about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. It's about uniting the Fraternity to support those who support us. It’s about supporting Minnesota Masonic Charities. “Don’t just be a Mason, be a Mason In Motion.”

Masons In Motion and the 2011 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon
Should tradition prevail, RWB Tom Hendrickson will become Grand Master of Masons in MN this coming April. One of his goals is to complete the 30th Annual 2011 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 2, using the event to promote the Craft. Supporting him, Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351 formed Masons In Motion.

Goals of Masons In Motion
Masons In Motion has several important goals. The first goal is to raise money for charity with all proceeds to go to support the work of Minnesota Masonic Charities.
Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC) is the philanthropy of Minnesota Masons and Stars which fully represents the generosity of the Minnesota Masonic Family. Whether it is support for the Masonic Cancer Center in its efforts to find a cure, the care of our seniors in the historic tradition of two Masonic Homes, Bloomington and North Ridge, the pledge to the future by providing scholarships for Minnesota students, or the partnership with Lodges and Chapters in matching grants for programs in their communities, MMC offers a capable, committed and compassionate foundation for the many charitable endeavors of Minnesota Masonry.

The second, and perhaps most important is to help unite the fraternity and give back. On behalf of RWB Tom Hendrickson, Masons In Motion is asking that each body within the Minnesota Masonic Family make a pledge to this great philanthropy of whatever sum you feel is appropriate.

How can you be a member of Masons In Motion?
You can participate in a number of ways.

Lodge or Chapter Support

As a Lodge or Chapter may make a Pledge to support Team Masons In Motion. Our goal, to support RWB Tom Hendrickson, is to recruit 100% participation of every Lodge and Chapter in the state. The amount of your pledge is secondary to your participation. The dollar amount is not the goal. Participation is.
Individual Support
As a member of the fraternity, you are encouraged to make a Pledge to support either Team Masons In Motion and/or an individual Team Runner.

We have a number of opportunities for you to be able to get involved and volunteer.

Save the date! October 2, 2011. Minneapolis to St. Paul. See you at the finish!

If you are a member of the Masonic Fraternity and would like to run the marathon with RWB Tom Hendrickson and Team Masons In Motion you are welcome to join them in this endeavor.
Presently the running team consists of 6 Master Masons who have committed to run. They include: RWB Tom Hendrickson; MWB Andy Rice, WM Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351; WB Dan Akins, SW Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351; Bro. Bob Davis, JW Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351; Bro. Chris Taylor Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351; and Sean Gardiner, WM Dakota Lodge #7. While presently the majority of runners are from Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351.
To run on the team, two rules will be in effect. The first rule is you must wear the Masons In Motion Team Uniform. The second rule is that the Grand Master (should tradition prevail) must finish before all other team runners. This will not be a run for time, but a run for the fraternity, with RWB Tom Hendrickson leading the way.

Team Runs
The Running Team has already begun training for the event. We meet at least once per month to run together, followed by coffee at Caribou. Come and join us!
How to contact Masons In Motion

Make a Pledge
Pledges may be made online at: Sir Winston Churchill Lodge: and click on the Masons In Motion Logo on the right-hand column. Or, Masons In Motion: A Pledge form may also be downloaded from the website and sent to either Bro. Bob Davis, Masons In Motion Event Chair or Bro. Jim Martin, Treasurer. Their addresses are on the form.
A link to our page may also be located towards the bottom of the page on the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Charity Team web page at:

In addition to pledging, if you, your Lodge or Chapter would like to participate in any way, contact Bro. Bob Davis, Masons In Motion Event Chair.
Bro. Bob Davis, Masons In Motion Event Chair
2200 Grimm Road
Chaska, MN 55318
(952) 738-1888

In short, Masons In Motion is about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s about coming together as a Minnesota Masonic Family and celebrating by giving back.
Be a Mason In Motion.