Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grand Master is interviewed by Playboy

Its not often that a Grand Master is interviewed by the popular press. Here is a link to read a indepth article that appeared I was informed in the July issue of Playboy. http://www.rglserbia.org/index.php/press/11-press/15-interviewplayboy.
I was going to show the cover but ahh... ahh ...wasnt what the kids and I would be looking at while standing in line at the grocery store.
This is an very good article and its indepth. The Grand Master Vukic is very well spoken.
Enjoy the read........... beauitful photos too....oh its safe for everyone.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's William J Florence's Birthday !

July 26th is the Birthday of William (Billy) J Florence, one of the Founders of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Or as we so fondly call ourselves: Shriners.
It all started in 1870 when a group of jovial Masons met for lunch on the second floor of the Knickerbocker resturant in New York City.
The Masons who gathered were good nature and filled with wit and good humor. They often discussed starting a new fraternity for Masons in which fun and fellowship would be emphasized. Two of the Brothers, William Florence, an actor, and Walter M Fleming, a medical doctor, gathered the ideas and converted them into what became the A.A.O.N.M.S. or the Shrine, as we know it today.
Thank you and Happy Birthday, William Florence.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Masonic Membership Card

I hold in my hand a little scrap of paper 2½ by 3½ inches in size. It has no intrinsic worth, not a bond, not a check or receipt for valuables, yet it is my most priceless possession. It is my membership in a Masonic Lodge.

It tells me that I have entered into a spiritual kinship with my fellow Masons to practice charity in word and deed; to forgive and forget the faults of my brethren; to hush the tongues of scandal and innuendo; to care for the crippled, the hungry, and the sick, and to be fair and just to all mankind.

It tells me no matter where I may travel in the world, I am welcome to visit a place where good fellowship prevails among brothers and friends. It tells me that my loved ones, my home, and my household are under the protection of every member of this great Fraternity, who have sworn to protect and defend mine, as I have sworn to protect and defend theirs.

It tells me that should I ever be overtaken by adversity or misfortune through no fault of my own, the hands of every Mason on the face of the earth will be stretched forth to assist me in my necessities. And finally it tells me that when my final exit from the stage of life has been made, there will be gathered around my lifeless body friends and brothers who will recall to mind my virtues, though they be but few, and will forget my faults, though they may be many.

It tells me that and a great deal more, this little card, and makes me proud, yet humble, that I can possess this passport into a society of friends and brothers that are numbered in the millions.


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shrine Hospitals-Inside Story

Hear it here first........................
I have received information from our man on the inside concerning the fate of the Shrine Hospitals. The reliable source stated" We have great news from San Antonio, the motion to close the hospitals has been defeated. More news in the next day or two.

Good news also is the decison to keep the Galveston Texas Burn Hospital open. That will allow 300 employees to return to work. But most important is that the area will have a certified Burn hospital and will make the difference in peoples lives
More info as it developes

Interesting side note. As any good Cop or Reporter ( I guess Im both)I attempted to verify the information. I contacted the Public Relations Persons Sally Mildren for the Shrine Hospitals of Spokane Washington.
Sally stated that "While this information may come as relief, it carries an important caveat: Nothing is final until the organizations annual meeting is adjourned Thursday".
It was a pleasure to speak with Sally and to hear how they are working in many new ways to expand their outreach to reach more Childern and help make positive changes in their quality of life.
Of Course thats why were are here on this earth right? To make a positive change in peoples lives?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Its 4th of July Lets Thank the Veterans

The Soldiers ,Sailors, Airman,and the Marines give us citzens a priceless gift, the opportunity to live in freedom and pursue our dreams, and to enjoy our lives with purpose and dignity.
As we celebrate our countries 233 years of independence.Let us thank our Service Men and Womenfor serving and sacrificing to keeping our country safe and for bringing freedom to others.
Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day

God Bless America

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gates City Lodge in New York Times

Meet Brother Victor Marshall of Gates City Lodge Alanta Georgia. We have been following the plight of Brother Marshall and the Brothers of Gates City lodge in the news.
Today to my suprise I saw this article in the "New York Times".....all the news thats fit to print.
So click on the link and learn a few more details of the case and my friend Chris Hodapp is quoted as well http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/03/us/03masons.html?_r=1&ref=us