Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Observance-2018

 It being December 26th I'm sure that most of you may be almost Christmas Out by now.
For the past four weeks you have been stringing Christmas lights, listening to Christmas Music on the radio, been to church and heard the Christmas story, saw the choirs sing, you have written Christmas Cards until your hand hurts, watched movies on the Hallmark Channel, celebrated at the Company Christmas party with people you don’t even like, and you have done so much Christmas shopping your credit card melted.
You cooked all day so your family and friends could all come to your house to feast on all of the Christmas favorites. You gathered around the tree open presents and your guests departed.
You are left with a mountain of dirty dishes, you see a candy cane stuck to one of the draperies, that must have been left by one of the kids, you can hear the dog barking but you can’t see him, for he is stuck in a pile of torn Christmas paper somewhere in the living room.
All of those efforts for December are focused on that one day…Christmas.
For those of us here who are Christians or Knight Templars who are Christian Masons, the reason why we celebrate Christmas is summed up in the Holy Bible in  the Book of John: 1-6.

But what about the day after Christmas and the rest of the year? Today is December 26, 2018 and we are in a similar situation as the day after Christ was born in Bethlehem in that manger.
The Angels stopped singing, the Shepard’s had to return to their flocks and deal with crabby sheep, along with stepping in sheep poop. The Magi and the Three Kings got back on their camels and headed home. Mary and Joseph were busy packing and escaping to Egypt for an Angel had told them that King Harrod was going to kill the Baby Jesus.
We too must return to the office, the factory, our family duties, and the hum drum of our daily lives.
The meaning of Christmas is not a “One Day and Done Kind of Deal”. The lesson that we can learn comes from the Shepherds as described in Luke 2:16-20 which advised we keep the message of Christmas alive with us all year long.
While the shepherds saw the baby Jesus, stood and worshiped near the Christ Child, it did not change that they had to return to their fields and sheep along with dealing with stepping in sheep poop.  But, by seeing the baby Jesus and seeing God’s promise fulfilled, it changed them deeply and profoundly and how they saw things and delt with everything in life.
By proclaiming the Good News that Christ has come
By wondering at Gods amazing plan for all of human kind
By Pondering the works of God
By Glorifying God in our daily lives

Let us take the meaning of Christmas beyond the 25th of December, find love and peace in Jesus Christ, and have a wonderful life every day along with Christmas day.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Minnesota Royal Arch Festival #3

On October 6, 2018 the Grand Royal Arch Masons of Minnesota conducted its third One Day to the Royal Arch Festival this year. It was held at the Minnesota Scottish Rite Minneapolis Valley.

The One Day Festivals are my personal favorites for it's a chance for me to get all caught up with Past Grands I haven't seen in awhile.I'm always impressed with the papers someone is writing, presentations someone is giving, restorations of Lodge, Chapter furniture and knick knacks.
I'm fascinated with the current Grands and Officers and with all the activities and projects they are concocting. 
I'm very interested with the Brothers. I love to hear what roles they are taking in their lodge and Chapters. I like to hear what parts they are working on memorizing from the rituals. 
Most of all, I enjoy hearing the heart warming stories of whos having a baby or a new Grandkid, a new job, or a new car. Everyone asked kiddingly when I was getting my new hearing aid...ha  

We become better men through Freemasonry by applying the lessons learned in our Rituals. We become better together thru our social interaction with each other. Finding more light, becoming better men together is what Freemasonry is all about. 

My Grand Master couldn't make it, and we missed him.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Conference of Grand Masters

On October 1, 2018 I had stopped in at the Grand Lodge Offices for a cup of coffee with the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Minnesota Ed Halpaus, and Most Worshipful Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons of Minnesota Joe Gonzalez.
We have known each other for a couple of decades, so we have many shared passions to talk about. The majority of the conversation was about Masonic Education, books, foreign jurisdictions running the gambit from the Congo to France, and of course membership.

We don't have a chance to get together often, but the time spent is precious. The coffee was pretty good too.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Masonic Education-Scottish Rite Style

On Thursday September 20, 2018 I received (photo above) a diploma and medal for completing Program III, Scottish Rite Philosophy. I described the program this way. " When I started Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike and I entered into a ten month relationship. As the days together whizzed by I fell in love. Somewhere during the 6th month, I had a major disagreement with him and I walked out. Three months latter, I was able to return with a new perspective, and complete the program."

All kidding aside, I can truly say that studying Morals and Dogma provided a rich and valuable insight into the Scottish Rite, that I had never would have been able to receive by the dramas alone.

Now, this is not a course for the faint of heart.Don't think you're going to finish it in a couple of evenings or a week end. This course is a marathon, but anyone who has the desire to learn and some discipline can do it. For, with much toil, there are great rewards.

I used to be a runner until an injury stopped ended that for me. When I was running, I often found myself looking out the window at work, anxiously waiting to get off work, to go for a five to seven mile run. After a few weeks with Albert Pike, I found myself with almost the same feeling. intensely, anxiously waiting to crack open the cover and look at the questions, to see what I would discover, or the problems to ponder.

I had already completed the Scottish Rite Program I, The Symbolic Lodge, and Program II, Scottish Rite Historical and Ritual. Those courses were informative and enjoyable.

I have now completed the trifecta, as I call it, but with the Minnesota winter coming I'm not sure how I will spend those long Winter nights. I'm debating between learning Latin or returning to snowshoeing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pie,Coffee and Royal Arch Education

On September 19, 2018 I went to Owatonna Royal Arch Chapter #15 for an evening of Pie,Coffee, and I presented a talk with discussion on the Mark Master Degree. It was about 25 minutes in length. I asked some of the new Companions if the talk helped them come to a better understanding, one of the more senior in years Companion replied that his head hurt from all the thinking.
Its always good when I have a chance to get caught up with my Companions in Owatonna.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Northeast-Winslow Lewis Lodge #125

On September 17, 2018 Northeast-Winslow Lewis Lodge #125 hosted the Minnesota Grand Royal Arch for a evening of Education. Topics were Ancient Craft Freemasonry from the formation in England to its coming to America, and Are you a Master Mason.
It was a great evening of education, and brotherly love.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Damascus Commandery Honors Minnesota Grand Commander Douglas Pamp

On September 14, 2018 Damascus Commandery #1 of St. Paul, Minnesota hosted an Honoring of the Minnesota Grand Commander Douglas Pamp of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Minnesota. It has been a long time such an event has been held, and Damascus did  a outstanding job. It was an evening of conversation, a brief program and a wonderful dinner. Our hats are off to Terry Christianson and Kay Moss and the Sir Knights of Damascus for hosting and organizing the evening. 

Fergus Falls #27 Royal Arch

Last night I had the opportunity to travel with Most Excellent Grand High Priest Dave Emry to Fergus Falls Minnesota, and visit our Companions in Fergus Falls Royal Arch Chapter #27.

I was happy to see the pizza buffet after the long ride, and I missed out on lunch. We spent the rest of the evening playing the Royal Arch Game Show. It was a fun night, and its always good to spend time with the Companions there.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

St. Paul Royal Arch Chapter #1

On September 8th we went to St. Paul Royal Arch Chapter for the Most Excellent Master Degree. It always good to go to #1. They had seven Candidates who are now about to take the Royal Arch on October 5th.
Congratulations to the Candidates, and thank you Companions for the wonderful evening.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tri-State Festival

The 60th Tri-State Royal Arch Festival was held August 25th in Minnehaha Lodge which is in Minneapolis Minnesota. The Tri-State is composed of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan.
The turn out was exceptional this year with ninety six Side liners, and twenty one Candidates.

It was an all day event, but our organizers had prepared to ensure that we were nourished with three meals to keep us content,while we enjoyed all the Royal Arch Degrees. Minnesota Grand Lecturer Christopher Wendover did an excellent job putting together the casts needed for the degree work.

Zeb Dudek of Rochester did just a wonderful job on the Long Journey. His performance was  a pleasure to observe. Next Year the event will be held in Marquette Michigan. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Pie, Coffee and a Side of Education

Pie, Coffee and a Side of Education
By Tom Hendrickson-PGM Grand Chapter Education Officer
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Minnesota

The Royal Arch is faced with new challenges today. We find young men standing at our door step, knocking at our door, that are seeking enlightenment, education, spiritual growth and meaningful experiences. So, we Royal Arch Masons in Minnesota have adopted a method for learning and exploring used by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb.  You see, if it was not for pie, coffee and inspiration we may still be living in the “dark” ages. More on that later.
The young men exploring masonry today are better informed about the craft than some of our current members. They have searched the World Wide Web and mined the vast information that is available there. They watch the History Channel and have seen the countless shows about Freemasonry. They have read books written by Dan Brown and or “Freemasons for Dummies”. These men come to us with a lot of information, some of it accurate, some of it not so accurate, and it behooves us to direct and educate these young men about the true concepts for Freemasonry.
These men also come to us with a hunger to seek further light and enlightenment. We Royal Arch Masons must be ready for that challenge and be ready to help lead them and help them find that which they are seeking. If we wish to attract and retain these men we must have more to offer them than a once a year pancake breakfast, poorly read ritual work, a boring business meeting and another dues card to put in their wallet.  
Our source material or curriculum has always come from our Ritual. Our Ritual is important, it offers lessons so a Companion can lead a life that is rich and fulfilling. The Ritual is the vehicle that can be used to install our principals into the hearts of men. However, the words of the Ritual alone, are not enough. It is the meaning of those words that will lead men to live the Ritual’s teachings. Studying the rich history and symbolism of the Ritual is essential to the understanding “behind” the words. It is a treasure trove of symbols and analogies that are worthy of introspection and mediation. Finally, the words contain profound truths and a unique perspective on life for those who are willing to make the conscious effort to uncover them.
I believe, that we , need to consider changing the format that is usually used to present the educational material. For eons, there have been lectures during our meetings to educate on the Ritual. The problem is that the lecture format is passive learning and doesn’t engage the listener. Proof of this can be seen when you look around the Chapter and you can count the number of Companions sleeping or the number you hear snoring.
We need to create a learning experience that engages the listener and makes education a more interactive experience. The lectures can be changed into discussions where the listener as well as the presenter become partners in the journey of knowledge acquisition and sharing.
A concept we in Minnesota have adopted, is that we hold our regularly scheduled business meeting and then have the educational event after. We move the tables into a circle and serve pie and coffee. As soon as the last person is seated the presentation of points in the Ritual or its esoterica begins and discussion commences.   So far, the results of this type of leaning has been very positive for us.
First, education is a planned event for every meeting. Second, the discussions last twice as long as our lectures did, signaling much more engagement. Third, attendance is better and new Companions keep coming back.  Most importantly, no one is sleeping for they are actively listening, discussing along with earing their pie and coffee.  In fact, one night a Chapter even served four different kinds of pie. That caffeine-sugar induced buzz created one of the liveliest discussions I had ever heard on Belshazzar’s feast.
Last year the Minnesota Royal Arch Masons began focusing on Chapter Education very seriously and have been working diligently developing layers of interactive learning opportunities for Chapters. First, the office of Grand Chapter Education Officer was created and made a part of the official Grand Line. Our goal or learning objective is for every Chapter to create an environment in which the Ritual and esoterica are performed, read, and discussed at every meeting. It’s that simple.
To aid this process, we have created a number programs to stimulate interactive learning.  I created a program that I present to the Chapters called the “The Royal Arch Game Show”.  I have traveled to various Chapters presenting this interactive session which is a parody of a 1970’s television game show. The twist is, that there are questions asked are from five categories; General Royal Arch Trivia, The Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent, and the Royal Arch. It’s fun, entertaining, and interactive plus there are even a few prizes.
Another program developed is called Royal Arch 101. It is a series of written education supplements mailed to the Chapters to be utilized during Chapter Meetings. This program focuses on the basics that are useful for new members but a good reminder for those of us that have been around for a while.  This material can be used to supplement and assist out state Chapters to enhance their education efforts.
Our Grand Lecturer, Chris Wendover, has implemented a School of Instruction that is totally different from what you may have seen before. We select a degree and then talk and walk thru it in detail. Action is periodically stopped, so that and details and certain aspects of many of the esoterica meanings within the degree can be discussed. This way action is “stopped” and there is time to answer questions on the how and why of things are happening during that degree. These sessions have been held at various Chapters across the state of Minnesota.
We also are trying to take full advantage of the Royal Arch Mason Magazine Supplement to promote education. Each quarter Minnesota has eight pages that we can devote to communicating with our members and providing educational opportunities.
Lastly, we developed a York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program. We developed a Study Guide consisting of 25 to 35 questions for each of the degrees in the Royal Arch, Cryptic Council and Commandery. There is also a Quest Book for each degree. These are available to members on a password protected page of the Minnesota York Rite web site. We are encouraging the Chapter Secretaries to assign a mentor for each new Companion, utilize the Quest books and to go thru the Study guides together and work at answering the questions.
This study guide model serves two purposes. If the new Companion can understand all the questions then he should have a very firm grasp of all of the knowledge of the degrees. Second, the Companion is then prepared to tackle the Companion Adept of the Temple that is made available by the York Rite Sovereign College. We are planning to host a study group in the fall of 2018, to help our Companions navigate thru the course, while insisting the work must be their own.
More esoterica papers will be appearing this year as we continue our efforts. This is cutting edge stuff for Minnesota.
So how does Thomas Edison come into all of this? Mr. Edison would spend on the average of 16 hours a day working while creating his inventions. Many times he would lock himself away in his laboratory and not come out for days at a time. It is reported, he subsisted on apple pie and coffee while working on his projects.
If Thomas Edison could invent such a ground breaking items such as the light bulb, while living on pie and coffee, just think we Royal Arch Masons can do with some pie, coffee a side of masonic education? 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

York Rite Educational Program

York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program
Thomas Hendrickson-Chair
R. James Luchsinger
Ryan Regnier

Every so often the right people, with the right attitude, with the right vision, with the right knowledge, with the right passion, with the right motivation and right energy come together in a seamless fashion that produce the right results.
Our first meeting was in St. Cloud one evening during the Grand York Rite Session 2017. That one hour conversation took place in a hotel corridor. In the span of that one hour we created a shared vision, and determined we had the right stuff to create a educational program for the entire Minnesota York Rite. Something that has never been done before.
We were fully conscious that this was going to be a daunting and monstrous task that could take an entire year to produce. We understood that it would take hours of burning the midnight oil to keep the pace needed. We were sensitive enough to understand that we would need to remain motivated and encourage each other to stay on task.
That is how the York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program was conceived, and its now ready to use. The program was designed to help you obtain a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation  of all the Degrees, and Orders in the York Rite.
Freemasonry is to Make Good Men Better. If we are to become better we have to study and understand its teaching and apply those lessons to our lives. In the Blue Lodge we are required to “prove up” before the Master as well as demonstrate our knowledge, and dedication to the Craft. But, we as Royal Arch Masons have a higher responsibility to “ disperse”  light and truth to the uninformed Mason. We are also tasked to study and acquire knowledge so we can perform that task.
The York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program is not a test of your memory skills. It is, however,  a test of your willingness to seek out knowledge and improve yourself in Masonry.
It is our overall intent to provide a self-paced program that will walk you through all the various aspects of each of the Degrees and Orders. You will encounter some questions that will require you to think, ponder and do some soul searching because of their esoteric nature. But when you can complete all the questions in that particular degree you will have a very firm grasp of the knowledge of that degree.
The program is in the form of question and answer using multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true-false.
You will need your ritual and manual for the tests. The information booklets like the Quest books will be on line for you to use to assist you. Feel free to use materials in your Masonic Library, on line or your Mentor.
If your Chapter, Council or Commandery is looking for a great Education program we highly recommend you print out the questions and use them in a group discussion. It will be an evening where everyone will learn something. Caution…some of the questions may require you to think, and you may have to find your ritual or use the one on-line.
Some of the R.A.M. Chapter Secretaries are printing them out, and giving them to the new candidates as they progress thru the degrees as a learning tool.
I am please to report to you that this is cutting edge stuff. We have been informed by General Grand Chapter that this is the first on line program like this. We have had four or five calls from other Grand Chapters wanting to see what we have done. There is a buzz about our program.
Our work for this year is done. If you wish to accept the challenge to improve yourself in Masonry now your work lays before you. All you have to do is go to go to Chapter, Council, or Commandery find the Resource page, log on and work through the pages.
If we at the York Rite Education Committee can help you in your further search for More Light in Freemasonry always feel free to call upon us.

Respectfully Submitted
Thomas E. Hendrickson-PGM and Grand Chapter Education Officer

PS If you think this is good, We have bigger plans for next year!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Royal Arch School of Instruction

This is the first time in a couple of decades that Schools of Instructions have been held. Except the way its being done is not what you may experience in your Blue Lodges. Instead of practicing the degree to perfection. We are going thru the degrees and explaining and going over the esoteric meanings as well. This approach brings forth the light.

Monday, April 16, 2018

165th Annual Grand Lodge of Minnesota Annual Communication

If you missed the 165th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota,you really missed out. Minnesota Masonic Charities were giving away free snow scrappers. The timing was perfect since we were in the midst of a Blizzard, with snow accumulation of 13.6 inches making diffcult driving conditions for all those traveling. 
This was our first year at the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington Minnesota. It was a very nice location for us. 
I had the great honor and privilege of conducting the Installation of Officers for 2018-2019. The Most Worshipful Grand Master Edward R. Halpaus was my appointee during my term of office.
The ceremony was shortened due to the blizzard, but it was a wonderful event. 
Those free snow scrappers got alot of use out in the parking lot afterwards. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Masonic Symposium St. Cloud Minnestoa

       Rex,Sean and Art are coming to Minnesota April 28th, and this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

  Personally I know the works of Arturo de Hoyos, and Rex Hutchens. For I have spent most evenings for the past two years studying their works. I have also had the greatest of pleasures to have met both of them. Art is the recipient of the  Duane E. Anderson Excellence in Masonic Education Award from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota in 2011. I had the honor to presented the same award to Rex in 2012.

It should be a day of first class masonic education, and great discussions, and of course Brotherhood.

But leave it to Helios Lodge #273 to be able to put this all together. They are not just a little lodge that has one of the biggest Masonic Libraries in the state. The Brothers live after their Lodges name...Helios which means Light.

So save the date, and I encourage to attend. Please call Worshipful Master of Helios Lodge       Andrew Barrett 612-709-7603 to reserve your place. Just click on the image to expand the view to see the days activities.
 Oh did I mention that they are providing lunch?  I hope to see you in St. Cloud.

It will be great to hear if Rex bought a new Bike, and  how Arts shooting is coming along.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Masons at Sea

Just a few days ago I was sitting in the solarium on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. I was drinking coffee and writing an outline for a Royal Arch education program. As I was twirling my pen searching for a better word to use I gazed around the ship. My eyes came upon a gentleman near me reading. Being a lover of books, and a hellacious reader I was wondering what book he was reading.
As I took a closer look I realized it was " Capitular Development Course by Piers Vaughan.
 I walked over to him and said " Brother is that Piers Vaughan book? I then introduced myself, and we shook hands. Meet Richard Petty the Right Excellent Grand King of the Royal Arch Masons ot Tennessee.Him and his wife were on vacation, and Richard was getting caught up on his reading.
If tradition prevails Richard will be elected as Grand High Priest in less than a month.
During the cruise we had a several conversations and of course they were all about our favorite subject...The Craft.
Also on the cruise I met a group of Brothers from Franklin Tennessee. They had brought their newest Entered Apprentice and one of their goals was to help him learn his ritual. I thought that was a great idea. 


Monday, March 5, 2018

A Little Vacation reading

I always travel with a Ritual when I go on vacation. Yesterday I just returned from a week long cruise from the lower Caribbean. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach or on a ship contemplating the esoteric meanings of our Rituals. Its those trips that seem to charge my batteries, and inspire me to write a paper or an education piece.
It was my intent to write an article for Commandery and to study it further.My Royal Arch manual has been to two different continents, and eight different countries with me.
I was very surprised when I pulled out both my copies of the Royal Arch Manual that morning. I have all my Rituals on one shelf. I meant to grab my Commandery Manual and my Royal Arch.
 But I did manage to write a very nice education piece, and I also started an outline for a book.
So traveling does have its many benefits.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Minnesota Grand York Rite Session

Top Ten Reasons to attend the Grand York Rite Session

1.       To Fulfill your obligation

It’s the duty of the Dais Officers and the Secretery/Recorder of every constituent Chapter, Council, and Commandery to attend their respective Annual Grand Session in person or by their duly authorized representative, to take their part in deliberations. If you are unable to do so the proper proxy form must be filled out and presented.

2.       Opportunity to learn something new

Attend one of the Break-Out Sessions that have been planned. Royal Arch Grand Secretery Gary Odegard will be explaining any new developments, Web Hosting and will answer any questions no matter how complex or simple. Grand Chapter Education Officer Tom Hendrickson will be conducting an inter-active educational session with a surprising entertaining twist. Be present at the introduction of the exciting and new York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program. .Learn more about the Holy Land Pilgrimage. Tom Hendrickson has recently returned and will be sharing his experiences.

3.       Connect and Re-connect

The Session is a gathering of York Rite Masons from across the state and beyond. It’s a great place to re-connect with old friends and make new friends who share the interest in the Ancient Craft.

4.       Exchange Ideas and develop New Ideas

Are you wondering how successful Chapters, Councils and Commanderies are getting things done? You have an opportunity to meet the state and local leaders to get personal advice to help make your Chapter Council and Commandry better. Its also the perfect place to share with others what successes you have experienced.

5.      Join a new Order

If you are a Past High Priest or the current High Priest of your Royal Arch Chapter. You are eligible to join the Order of the High Priesthood. If you’re a Past Commander of the Commandery you are eligible to join the Past Commanders Association. 

6.      Want to Honor Masonic Youth?

Then you will want to be present at the dinner on Thursday For the Youth Awards Presentation.

7.      Looking to Escape?

This year the session is held at the St. Cloud Courtyard Marriott. A hotel with nice rooms, good food that’s not that far away. It’s a great place to bring the love of your life, or a good place to sit with your brothers and smoke a cigar. Either way it’s a nice place to get away from the stresses of life.         

8.      Ring in the York Rite New Year

The Grand York Rite Session reflects a new beginning at a at a state-wide level. Come meet and greet the new leaders and hear what plans they have in store. Get inspired and          harness the enthusiasm that can last all year.

9.      Want some fun and raise money for charity?

For those with a sense of humor The Order of the Lotus is a fun way to spend part of the evening and the money raised will go towards the three York Rite Charites. Wives are cordially welcome to attend.

10.  The Business

Even on a state-wide level we need to discuss budgets, and pay the bills. This is your opportunity to see firsthand how your per capita is being spent. Each of the bodies have done a very good job in stream lining this portion of meetings. But it’s a job that must be done.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Learning Freemasonry by Osmosis

Two ways of Learning by Osmosis

By Tom Hendrickson-PGM

Here are two examples of learning Freemasonry by Osmosis. The first method didn’t work, but the second does!

As a young Mason I asked one of my mentors, Ray Frandsen, how he mastered learning the Masonic Ritual. Ray said that he put his ritual in his lunch box and he would read it during his breaks at work. I always say when someone is successful at something you should follow that model. So, one summer, I put my ritual in my back pocket and had with me at work every day. One summer night at lodge I pulled out my ritual and one of the Brothers asked, “where has your ritual been, it’s falling apart and it’s all wet.

I replied, “well it’s been present at a few fights, involved in a high-speed chase or two, been at homicide scenes, with me while I played some kickball at the playground and I lost it during a foot chase.  Luckily, I found it later. It’s all wet because I left it on top of the squad car at the car wash and it made it through the wash but is drying out nicely.

I never had time to read it at work and I discovered that even though I kept it very close to my body, I never managed to learn anything by Osmosis.

On the second and fourth Wednesday of every month I attend Ark Royal Arch Chapter, Omega Council and Minneapolis Mounted Commandery. Twice a month we meet for a great dinner, excellent discussions, and Masonic education. It’s an environment that is very conducive to learning and we have a lot of fun as well.

All Master Masons are welcome to come and join us for dinner is at 6:00 and our meetings are at 7:00.

Just give us a call, so we can set a place for you at the table. Bring your appetite and you may learn something and not even know it.