Friday, July 23, 2010

King Solomon's Temple in Brazil

The Brazilian Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has commissioned Architect Rogerio Silva de Araujo to build a full size replica of King Solomons Temple in Brazil's Capital San Paulo. The Temple will provide a super sized building and services to the capital city. It will tower over the city at 180 feet tall, have seating capacity for 10,000 people, provide classroom space for 1,300 children, TV and radio studios, and parking spaces for 1,000 cars. The temple will also house a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Church officials wish for the building appearance to be as authentic as possible. They have taken extra measures to ensure that. They have signed an $8 million dollar contract with a company to import stones for the building. The stones will come from Jerusalem, just like the stones used to build the original temple in Israel. Bishop Edir Macedo posted in his blog that the new building stones were witness to the powers of God 2,000 years ago.

It is expected that the project will cost around $200 million dollars and take approximately four years to complete.

Here is something I was thinking about....Do you think the Architect is a Freemason? If so, do you think on one of those long nights of working late, as he is sitting at his drafting table, and as he stares at his drawing... thinking on how to solve a problem... Perhaps he puts his pencil to his mouth and wonders to himself, "What would Hiram do?"

The above photo is a YouTube video of the artist's concept drawing that I thought you might enjoy. If you speak or understand Portuguese you will enjoy it even more.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Lodge Brothers and My Brother's House

These are some of my Lodge Brothers of Cataract Lodge #2 and Minnehaha Lodge #165 Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are celebrating our move into "Our Brothers House" Minnehaha Lodge Building ten years ago. Every July we hold a joint meeting after one of the best steak dinners around. It's an event that you don't want to miss.

Its a long and emotional story for many us so I'll try to spare you all the details. The Best Buy Corporation wanted to build their world headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. So the city condemned 200 homes and businesses so that Best Buy could build a huge campus.

We gave a gallant fight and negotiated hard for a fair price. But we gave up a building that was built by the lodge Brothers from the ground up and it was emotional for all to have to empty it and to have to see the building torn down. So we spent many evening and week ends packing up our stuff. But then the Brothers from Minnehaha Lodge came and graciously invited us to share their lodge with us.

We locked the doors for one last time, removed the Cornerstone from the building and drove away with tears in our eyes and with sore backs.

When we arrived on the hottest day of the year with the moving vans, the Brothers of Minnehaha Lodge were standing on the grass to greet us. They shook our hands and saw that we we were exhausted, so they pushed us aside and started in to move our stuff. We were greeted as a home coming and given full access to the building. Anything was ours for the asking. It was truly like "moving into your brother's house."

Now in the picture you see is the Grand Lodge Secretary, Junior Grand Steward, Monitors of the Ritual, member of the Jurisprudence Committee, Secretary of the Minneapolis Valley Scottish Rite, a National Television Star and now a Motivatival speaker from the Biggest Loser, but most importantly they are all my brothers. I'm sure you can see that we at Cataract #2 and Minnehaha #165 are very serious about freemasonry. (There were about 40 more out of the view of the camera).

Our Master Lane Guyat is an accomplished artist in fabric, oil, and cake. So he handmade shirts specifically for each wearer. As you can see, they are all different and colorful. Lane said he may have a suprise for me next year.....I can't wait to see.

Minnehaha Lodge is in the Southeast corner of Minneapolis. It's in a neighborhood that I was in a lot growing up. So it's like a second home for me. The two Lodges' relationship only deepens daily with each day.

I miss Richfield -- I'm not kidding anybody. I drive past my lodge location several times a week in the normal course of my activities. I now only see a parking lot......a very expensive parking lot.

I'd be happy to share the whole story over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer if you like.....I'll even buy.

My lodge Brothers........I love you all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 136th Annual Shrine Imperial Shrine Convention is currently being held in Toronto Canada.

Today I had the opportunity to conduct a telephone interview of the Zuhrah Shrines Oriental Guide Ted Martz. Ted informed me that the Potentate, Darryl Metzger, and the Zuhrah delegation is based at the Harbor Westin Hotel. Toronto is a very impressive city in its architecture and the activities that are all going on right now. Ted said besides 10,000 Shriners, The Queen of England is on her yearly visit. Ted and Jon Hansen just happed to be about ten feet away as the Queen drove past them in her motorcade. The Queen is there to help celebrate Canada Day this year. I wonder what the Queen was thinking as she drove past all the Shriners wearing their Red fezs?

Toronto is also currently hosting the 2010 Toronto Waterfront Tour. Tall ships from around the globe are docked for tours of the public. There was a parade of the ships that Ted found to be a highlight of the trip so far.

But according to my law enforcement sources in Toronto, I am told that they are preparing the parade route for a world class parade on Tuesday, July 6th. I wish I could be there to watch the tiny cars, to see lots of clowns of all possible descriptions, motorbikes of all types and sizes. And a real treat for me would be to see 1,000 massed bagpipers and drum corps marching through the streets with the beautiful music of the bagpipes floating between the skyscrapers of Toronto.

Of course Ted Martz said that his real joy comes from talking with his fellow Masons from across all of North America, from all walks of life. He said it was a great place to exchange ideas, make new friends and see old friends.

I should say that when I called Ted, he was sitting in the Imperial Shrine meeting. I could hear the speaker making the address in the background. So Ted really does have his nose to the grindstone looking out for our interests as well.

To the Shriners: I hope you're all having a great time and I hope to join you next year in Denver Colorado.

I hope this is me about 15 years after I retire....just enjoying life!
Just in case I've got your attention here are three interesting facts about the Shrine. Did you know...
1. ...that the Shriners are said to have the second-largest single purchase of motorcycles in the world, next to the police?
2. ..that the Shrine Session in Toronto will bring over $4 million dollars to their economy?

3. ...that we fund about a billion Dollars (US) a year for the Shrine hospitals across the United States?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Birthday- July 4th

On Sunday July 4th we will be celebrating our Nations founding remembering that day in 1776 that the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.
Today as I was standing on a Street Corner on a beauitful day in Minneapolis Minnesota. I remembered that because two hundred and thirty four years ago and since at each moment when the promise was in jeopardy, ordinary men and women just like you and me found the courage to defend it and some made the supreme sacriface to keep the promise alive.
So on July 4th wont you join me and read the Declaration of Independence for yourself. But most of all I hope you will take a moment to appericate the men and women in uniform who defend our rights and freedoms.
The photo you see above is the home of Besty Ross. I thought it was a nice touch for the 4th of July..........................

God Bless America- Land of the Free Home of the Brave

Happy Birthday Day Dad July 4, 1927