Sunday, March 28, 2010

Notes from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota

The Grand Master of Iowa Craig Hummell proposed to Grand Master Tom McCarthy a few months ago that if the Iowa Cyclones lost to the Minnesota Gophers in the Insight Bowl, that MWB McCarthy would have to pose for photos clad in Iowa State Cyclones apparel. And if the Gophers won, then MWB Hummell would have to don Gopher gear. Well, you all know that the Gophers lost to the Cyclones, and here are the photos.

MWB Craig was also so kind to provide a gift to me as well. Thanks Craig! It is a nice hat. I try not to wear it when I am with MWB Tom McCarthy, or MWB Steve Johnson, who also is an avid Gophers fan.

Some of the visiting Dignitaries

The Grand Lodge of Manitoba Canada each year presents to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota the traveling trophy. Then in June the GrandMaster of Minnesota returns the gavel back at the Manitoba Annual Communication.
The Gavel is made by an American with Canadian Maple. A Canadian made the box, of American Oak. It is truly a gift of Brotherly Love.

This gavel has a lot of stories. A few times Border guards believed it was a weapon. So it was explained that it was for Ceremonial use only.
Other times its holders have arrived at the Border only to remember that they forgot the gavel at home. So there have been a lot of late arrivals.

Look out! If that button pops it could kill somebody. My diet starts Monday.

Minnesota Jobs Daughters

This is John Studell of Minnehaha Lodge in Minneapolis.
John is Grand Master Cook's appointee to the Grand Lodge Progressive line. If tradition prevails John will be the Grand Master in 2017.

I couldn't be happier for John to join the Line. John brings a wealth of personal resources to the Craft: he is a Custodian of the work, John has a brilliant mind, a compassionate heart, and lives Freemasonry. The only question was not if John was going to be appointed to the line but when?

I thank my Supreme Architect for friends like John in my life.

Its a great day for John, and the Craft.

This is our new MW Grand Master, John Cook, and his Masonic Father Neil Neddermeyer.

Doesn't he look dapper in his top hat?

If you click on the photo you will see why this is not the Official Portrait.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master Of Minnesota John Cook.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Time for Grand Lodge !

Its time for the Grand Lodge of Minnesota Annual Communication. It takes place in Cloud Minnesota March 25,2010 to March 27,2010. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


As we turn our clocks ahead one hour for Day light Savings. Here are

two beauitful Masonic watches to look at.........enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colors on King Street

Parades are something that all towns across America love to sponsor. This is a photo of a parade that took place in Alexandria VA last week. Most home town parades have the flags at the front of the parade. Those flags are carried by Policeman, Shriner's, American Legion color guards. I think Alexandria VA and a few other East Coast towns are pretty lucky because they get the Honor Guard -Old Guard to their parade.

This photo was taken by my friend Jeff Egge. He is on loan from the Minneapolis Police department to a Think Tank out there in Washington. Jeff is a Senior DeMolay and he took this photo because he knows how much I love the Masonic Washington Memorial. If you look in the background you will see it.

Every morning Jeff takes the train to work and he passes the memorial on the way to work and gives me a daily update.

Thanks Jeff for sharing this beautiful photo with us.

I highly recommend you click on the photo to enlarge it. The colors are breathtaking.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Philalethes Society 2010 Annual Feast and Forum

The Philalethes Society 2010 Annual Assembly, Feast and Forum
Friday and Saturday
March 5-6
Park Plaza Hotel
Bloomington, Minnesota
This is probably going to be one of the most important Masonic education event of the year. The Forum program will feature the most interesting of speakers.

Dr. Trevor Stewart
UGLEs Prestonian Lecturer 2004

Thomas C. Jackson
Past Grand Master of Minnesota 2009
( my Lodge Brother...)

John L. Belton
Past Master Mellor Lodge # 3844 and Internet Lodge

Robert G Davis
Secretary Guthrie Scottish Rite Bodies

Jose Carlos de Seixas
Past Master Philantropia e Ordem Lodge Rio De Janerio

Scott F Wolter

For more information go to Philalethes Link http://http// for detailed descriptions

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The North American Conference of Grand Masters

This is Potentate Thomas Little of Kena Shrine. He received myself and the Minnesota delegation at the Ronald Regan Airport.Illustrious Sir Little welcomed us to his oasis. I have never been so warmly welcomed in my life. I have Thomas pin and i will remember him for a long time.
This is the Legion of Honor of Kena Shrine.I introduced myself as being a proud member of Zuhrah Legion of Honor. When I approached them I noticed that some were highly decorated Veterans. But all were Veterans.....I like this picture alot I'm going to put it in my office.

I did have the opportunity to meet Anthony S Murry. Tony is the International Lt. Commander for the International Association Legions of Honor.
I hope to meet him again at a Imperial and we can discuss legion stuff.

This a photo taken immediately after Deputy Grandmaster John Cook discovered that he had been appointed to a committee. In this photo Grandmaster Tom McCarthy is claiming not to have any involvement. I had a good laugh all morning and afternoon. I wont tell you who told me to shut up!I'm still laughing.......

This is the Grand Master Franco Magdaleno Soto from the Grand Lodge of Baja California.
The Grand Master and his Secretary had came to Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respects to Americas Dead. We met just outside the gate.

This is the Grand Master Panajrotis Michael Joannow from the Grand Lodge of Cyprus.
Cyprus has a very interesting situation being a very diverse population and just diverse Masonic recognition situation.
With him is Past Grand Master Thomas Jackson of Minnesota.Most Worshipful Tom is very knowledgeable on the unknown processes for Recognition. He made it very interesting for me. Panjrotis is an economist by trade and I found his thoughts of the future of the value of the Euro. very interesting.

Richard Fletcher of the MSA and past Grand Master of Vermont.Every time I travel to a Grand Lodge he is always there keeping us well informed. Richard is a very interesting man as well. He volunteers at Walter Reed Army Hospital and other military hospitals in the Washington DC area. He shared with me some of his stories.
I was very touched by them. I say a special prayer for Richard and the MSA hospital program. They and our Veterans need our support.

I'm sure you recognize my good friend Chris Hodapp the author of "Freemasons for Dummies" Its always a pleasure for me to see him in person and get caught up on what he is enjoying in life.
Many of you have heard the story of him and I in the car traveling to the Minnesota Grand Lodge Annual communication

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I forgot to ask him....ya know I have purchased over 40 of his books and given them away as gifts. I was going to ask him for a bulk discount.Oh well maybe next time.

The Minnesota delegation had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Washington National Cathedral.Our Grand Lodge Secretary Daughter lives in D.C. and she brought us to this and several other locations in Washington. What a wonderful Tour guide we had.For Security reasons I will not publish her name or photo. But all Minnesota Masons knows her and her wonderful Mother...Dad is ok too.

We had the wonderful fortune of having a very special tour guide of the Cathedral Andy Seferlis. Andy's Father Constantine was a Sculpture and Carver at the Cathedral from 1960 to 1979. So Andy basically grew up in the place. Andy was wonderful because he know every room,stair case, stained glass window and most importantly his lecture of Gargoyles and Grotesques.Which I have many pictures here for you to appreciate.
Walking with Andy I glad I paid attention in my Humanities classes.

Past Grand Master Thomas Jackson standing near a quote of Sir Winston Churchill

I had never seen a sculpture in a church of a man with a gun before. But this is an
American Gothic Cathedral. I thought it was very interesting.

These pictures are at the George Washington Masonic memorial
Celebrating its 100 year Anniversary. It was a Gala Affair.

These are the Principal Officers of Alexander-Washington Lodge #22.One the left I believe Junior Warden John Olson, Worshipful Master Andrew Hammer, Senior Warden Michael Baily. I gathered the information in a whisper and a hurry so forgive me if I got you mixed up.
Worshipful Master Hammer gave a most beautiful speech that day. He is British and gives the office much dignity and respect.

The following photos are the actual meeting of the Grand Master of North America.

I was very quiet standing in the back trying not to be noticed. I listened took careful notes and took a few photos. The whole time I was there I never heard the terms"New World Order, One world government, Illuminati etc etc etc sorry couldn't help myself. he he he

One the left is the Grand Master of Mississippi. On the Right is the Deputy Grand Master of Minnesota.