Thursday, September 15, 2016

Royal Arch Education

I have had the wonderful opportunity this Summer to sit and study the Degrees in the Royal Arch.
During this time of study I thought of a way to share it in a easy format and can be fun to learn.

Its a five part learning that takes the form of a Trivia Test...I don't like the word Trivia but I think you'd better understand the concept. There are five parts Introduction-covers general Royal Arch Trivia to get you started, Mark Master, Past Master Virtual, Most Excellent, Royal Arch.

I meant it to be used in your Chapter Meeting as a form of Educational instruction. It should take about 15 to 25 minutes depending how spirited the conversation gets. You can break up into teams, appoint  a Quizmaster and keep score. Or you can have someone give the question and everyone shout out the answer. Id encourage having your Ritual handy and look up the ones you don't know.

Its a very good way for the new Companion to learn in a friendly environment, and for the older Sages a good way to stay sharp.

I plan on placing the Quiz on my blog at the start of the month. The answers will appear at the end of the Month. This way if you are wanting to do this at home or your office you can do your own research and wait to see how you did.

Now...I have not reveled anything that we consider the secrets. I used publish materials, and I checked my Minnesota Ritual which is in compliance to the Grand Chapter. Believe me as a lover of the Craft I believe and live my Obligation.

The quiz has a different number of questions on each quiz. Anywhere from five to nine. Some you may find easy others you may have to look up. This is not a PH.D or the Companion Adept or even the Master Craftsman, its a simple  way for you to  learn more about the Royal Arch without buying an expensive book and spending hours of your time.

I hope you enjoy it and Good Luck...Oh by the way tell me how you did!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Cross and Crown
A couple of weeks ago I was in Cincinnati Ohio for the American Legion National Convention. It was during the Parade of States that I walked past the Cincinnati Masonic Temple. So two days later when I had a little free time I went back to the Temple and met my old friend Past Grand Master Mike Himes of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.
Mike gave me a tour of their 8 floors, 350,000 square foot Masonic Building. It is a beautiful building that has beautiful Blue Lodge Rooms, Royal Arch Chapter Rooms, Commandery Rooms, Easter Star Rooms, and the Scottish Rite Theater that holds 850 people. 
The image above in inlayed in the floor as all the Masonic bodies emblems as you get off the elevator on each of the floors.
This is the Cross and the Crown which is the Commandery Symbol. It is commonly interpreted as a reminder that death is not final but we will continue on victorious after death.
The words Hoc Signo Vinces were used by Constantine meaning By this sign thou shall conquer.

Past Grand Master 2004  Michael Himes