Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Wednesday September 2nd, James von Brunn, the white supremacist, was charged criminally in federal court for the murder of Stephen Johns.The homicide took place on June 10th when von Brunn shot security guard Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

During the 30 minute first appearance, von Brunn's own attorney requested that his client be evaluated to determine whether he was competent to stand trial. Even though von Brunn objected, Judge Reggie B. Walton granted the request.

FBI officials have stated that von Brunn acted alone and had no formal ties with any white supremacist groups. In my Law Enforcement circles we call him a "lone wolf ". Generally speaking, the lone wolf falls into several categories: religious extremists, political terrorists, people who have longterm mental problems, and finally, those workers who have rage in the work place and kill their co-workers (otherwise known as going postal).

The former PT boat captain was consumed by a lifetime of hate for Jews, Blacks, Freemasons, and government. On June 10th von Brunn had no true friends and nothing to lose. He arranged his finances and his funeral plans for what he thought was going to be a "suicide mission" at the museum. His goal was to kill as many people as possible.

The criminal charges that von Brunn was indicted on carry a possible death penalty if convicted.

Judge Walton set the next court appearance for October 14, 2009.

A special fund for the benefit of the Johns family has been established. Please click here.