Tuesday, September 8, 2009

George Washington University Seeks to put a Masonic Lodge on Campus

A group of George Washington University Alumni with Support of the University President Emeritus Stephen Joel Trachtenberg are looking to start a Masonic Lodge on Campus.

The University of George Washington is located in Washington D.C. It was started in 1821 by Congress but the University traces its orgins to FreeMasons. There are approx. 9,700 full time students studying 87 Academic Majors. Various Masonic organizations continue to support the college in various ways.

George Washington University looks like an exciting place for Masonic Lodge. When the college newspaper publishes that the Alumni and college President follow the teaching of Freemansonry that's a powerful statement to me. Click here to read the link for yourself.

Gee Wiz ...a Masonic Lodge on a college campus if they can do it in Washington DC....why can't we? in Minneapolis, Duluth, Mankato,St. Cloud, Winona, Moorehead, St. Paul. Think about it, won't you?