Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why I am a Royal Arch Mason

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Why I am a Royal Arch Mason

·        I’ve learned the True Word of Master Mason

·        I know how to receive my wages from the Senior Warden

·        I’m a member of the oldest Rite in Freemasonry

·        I didn’t stop at the 2.5 Degree-I went on to complete the Third Degree

·        I wanted to learn all the Secrets of Freemasonry

·        I read the first 3 Chapters-I wanted to finish the book

·        I’ve made many new friends from other local Lodges

·        I’ve participated in some of the most beautiful rituals in Masonry

   Provide by the Royal Arch Masons-Grand Chapter State of New York
     Grand High Priest Piers A. Vaughan 2014


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What does the Royal Arch call a meeting?

Blue Lodges hold "Communications"

Councils hold "Assemblies"

Commanderies hold "Conclaves"

What does the Royal Arch Chapter hold? and what does it Literally mean?

Royal Arch Chapters hold "Convocations" and it means "A getting Together"

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Salsa-Licious was Delicious!


Red Wing Masonic Lodge #8 has taken a leadership role in sponsoring,organizing, and executing a fundraiser to assist 20 non-profit organizations that serve the Red Wing community.

Four years ago an idea of a Salsa competition to raise money and create an awareness of the Non-profits and Community Service Organizations of Red Wing has become a great community event. Here are just a few of the organizations..Boy Scouts, Youth Soccer, Lutheran Social Services, Red Wing Environmental Center, Youth Out Reach, Sheldon Theater of Performing Arts, Goodhue Historical Society.

Each of the organizations would provide a table with decorations, a display about their mission in the community and their best salsa, in either a red or green tomato, bean or fruit based. Each group would also assist in selling of tickets to the event within the community. The profits are split among the organizations. Last year over $20,000 was raised.

This year the event was held at Sargents Nursery in one of their Green Houses. It was a very nice place that was filled with light and was warm on a cold Minnesota March Day.They also provided a coupon for $5 off all purchases at the nursery. (I am now the proud owner of a an $80 plant stand in the shape of a Red bicycle that has a rechargeable headlight on the handle bars so I can see it at night.)
The lodge had a very nice set of professional signs,cards and brochures about Freemasonry and about our lodge. The Lodge Brothers were very busy helping organizing, selling tickets, and getting the Judges started on the Judging of who had the Best salsa. The Brothers left their table thinking a Past Grand Master could handle any questions or important issues. 

I will let you in on a's not good for the Sponsor to win the competition. Our lodge has many professional Chefs and Restaurant owners as members. They have provided, in past years, a couple of gallons of salsa they thought that people would like and our lodge won the competition twice. So this year it was determined we needed to provide a salsa, but not something good enough to win.We provided a tomato salsa that came from a large plastic jug and sprinkled some cilantro on top. I placed it in little cups for the attendees to sample.  I'm a whiz at this by the way and no spills on my shirt, a miracle.  When asked what kind of salsa it was I described it as "a tomato based salsa, made from blended tomatoes, with chunks of savory onions, hand picked jalapeno peppers, with a medium heat that is appreciated in San Antonio, but not New York City. We got a lotta votes....and people came back for more.  I'm so happy we did not win.

There were 305 people that came to throughout the day. It was a very steady stream, but enough time to talk and get to make new friends and renew old friendships.There was alot of excellent salsa served by hard working volunteers and professionals who are committed  on making Red Wing a better place to live.

The Brothers were counting the ticket sales when I left and it is believed that we will exceed last year total... Some of us believe that Freemasonry is not something that just happens in a lodge room for the world is our Lodge.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Way of Life

The other organizations you pay your money and you become a member of the Moose, Elks, Lions, PTA, and The Joe Mauer Fan club. You get a dues card in the mail. Maybe you go to a meeting or a sponsored event maybe you don’t….but you’re a dues paying member.

Freemasonry is very different. Right up front we as an organization proclaim;
“Making Good Men Better”

In Freemasonry our Ritualistic teaching provides the tools, the teachings, the support, the incentives to make Masonry “A way of Life” Pure and Simple.
It is the roll of the Lodge and its members to make full fledged active Masons, not just a member.

Other organizations are not interested in you or your conduct when you’re not attending one of their meetings. But as a Mason you are a Mason 24/7, 365 days a year, always! Everything you say, everything you do, every life you touch reveals how successfully you have made Masonry a Way of Life.

As a Candidate you immerse yourself into the Masonic Society and Culture. You learn and are Mentored the teachings and the Masonic Ways. You grow into your new role, your new role grows in you. These new teachings and customs become you. You practice it and the more you practice it the better you get at it. Your goal is Progress not Perfection. For Freemasonry is a journey, not a destination. Now Think about it. Your life is a journey because your ultimate destination in life is the grave.

In Freemasonry we take an obligation that is our life guiding principils knelling at an Alter in front of witnesses’ .These are real promises to do things and not to do to others. THEY ARE NOT SYMBOLIC!

We promise we WILL always help, aid, and assist. Not if we feel like it or sometimes….maybe but always.

We promise we will NOT cheat, wrong or defraud. Not a Mason, not a lodge brother, not a friend, not a relative not a stranger… one!

Now I don’t think my daughter did this when she joined Green Peace, and I know my Uncle didn’t even do this when he joined the NRA.

Freemasonry is a place where good men accept our tools, ways, and customs and joins our Society. The new Brother is active in the lodge’s activities. We find the new Brother taking Ritual and Leadership positions in the lodge. That is how we can tell when the Lodge is effectively working.

I think it is the Lodges ultimate goal is the day they raise a new brother and keep him active and improving so he can receive his 50 year pin. The lodge is a place where we live and grow old together.

Freemasonry is a not for everyone it’s a way of life.

I wrote this several years ago and used it in Speeches, and thought its time for others to read this....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Enter the secret world of the Freemasons

2016 Grand Masters of North America

Here is a photo that was taken of the Grand Master of North America taken in Madison Wisconsin

Do You see your Grand Master? Click on photo to enlarge

Monday, February 15, 2016

York Rite Degree Process

We have all seen those big beautiful posters that shows the various degrees in Freemasonry. Sometimes they can be confusing...heck some of them claim to be for the higher degrees,but there is no such higher degree than the we need not say more. Here is a much simpler visual way to understand the York Rite.