Monday, August 26, 2019

Minnesota Cryptic Council 150 Anniversary

     The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Minnesota celebrated its 150th Anniversary on August 25th at the Minnesota Masonic Home.
     It was an intimate affair of 90 York Rite Masons from across the state, who enjoyed good food, and great Companionship.

Monday, January 14, 2019

New North Central Past Commanders Associations Jewel

Here is the new Commandery North Central Department Past Commanders Association Jewel. Minnesota Past Grand Commander R. James Luchinger designed them, and gained all the needed approvals, and did all the work.

They should be getting out to the states in the North Central Department in the next few months.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Observance-2018

 It being December 26th I'm sure that most of you may be almost Christmas Out by now.
For the past four weeks you have been stringing Christmas lights, listening to Christmas Music on the radio, been to church and heard the Christmas story, saw the choirs sing, you have written Christmas Cards until your hand hurts, watched movies on the Hallmark Channel, celebrated at the Company Christmas party with people you don’t even like, and you have done so much Christmas shopping your credit card melted.
You cooked all day so your family and friends could all come to your house to feast on all of the Christmas favorites. You gathered around the tree open presents and your guests departed.
You are left with a mountain of dirty dishes, you see a candy cane stuck to one of the draperies, that must have been left by one of the kids, you can hear the dog barking but you can’t see him, for he is stuck in a pile of torn Christmas paper somewhere in the living room.
All of those efforts for December are focused on that one day…Christmas.
For those of us here who are Christians or Knight Templars who are Christian Masons, the reason why we celebrate Christmas is summed up in the Holy Bible in  the Book of John: 1-6.

But what about the day after Christmas and the rest of the year? Today is December 26, 2018 and we are in a similar situation as the day after Christ was born in Bethlehem in that manger.
The Angels stopped singing, the Shepard’s had to return to their flocks and deal with crabby sheep, along with stepping in sheep poop. The Magi and the Three Kings got back on their camels and headed home. Mary and Joseph were busy packing and escaping to Egypt for an Angel had told them that King Harrod was going to kill the Baby Jesus.
We too must return to the office, the factory, our family duties, and the hum drum of our daily lives.
The meaning of Christmas is not a “One Day and Done Kind of Deal”. The lesson that we can learn comes from the Shepherds as described in Luke 2:16-20 which advised we keep the message of Christmas alive with us all year long.
While the shepherds saw the baby Jesus, stood and worshiped near the Christ Child, it did not change that they had to return to their fields and sheep along with dealing with stepping in sheep poop.  But, by seeing the baby Jesus and seeing God’s promise fulfilled, it changed them deeply and profoundly and how they saw things and delt with everything in life.
By proclaiming the Good News that Christ has come
By wondering at Gods amazing plan for all of human kind
By Pondering the works of God
By Glorifying God in our daily lives

Let us take the meaning of Christmas beyond the 25th of December, find love and peace in Jesus Christ, and have a wonderful life every day along with Christmas day.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Minnesota Royal Arch Festival #3

On October 6, 2018 the Grand Royal Arch Masons of Minnesota conducted its third One Day to the Royal Arch Festival this year. It was held at the Minnesota Scottish Rite Minneapolis Valley.

The One Day Festivals are my personal favorites for it's a chance for me to get all caught up with Past Grands I haven't seen in awhile.I'm always impressed with the papers someone is writing, presentations someone is giving, restorations of Lodge, Chapter furniture and knick knacks.
I'm fascinated with the current Grands and Officers and with all the activities and projects they are concocting. 
I'm very interested with the Brothers. I love to hear what roles they are taking in their lodge and Chapters. I like to hear what parts they are working on memorizing from the rituals. 
Most of all, I enjoy hearing the heart warming stories of whos having a baby or a new Grandkid, a new job, or a new car. Everyone asked kiddingly when I was getting my new hearing aid...ha  

We become better men through Freemasonry by applying the lessons learned in our Rituals. We become better together thru our social interaction with each other. Finding more light, becoming better men together is what Freemasonry is all about. 

My Grand Master couldn't make it, and we missed him.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Conference of Grand Masters

On October 1, 2018 I had stopped in at the Grand Lodge Offices for a cup of coffee with the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Minnesota Ed Halpaus, and Most Worshipful Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons of Minnesota Joe Gonzalez.
We have known each other for a couple of decades, so we have many shared passions to talk about. The majority of the conversation was about Masonic Education, books, foreign jurisdictions running the gambit from the Congo to France, and of course membership.

We don't have a chance to get together often, but the time spent is precious. The coffee was pretty good too.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Masonic Education-Scottish Rite Style

On Thursday September 20, 2018 I received (photo above) a diploma and medal for completing Program III, Scottish Rite Philosophy. I described the program this way. " When I started Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike and I entered into a ten month relationship. As the days together whizzed by I fell in love. Somewhere during the 6th month, I had a major disagreement with him and I walked out. Three months latter, I was able to return with a new perspective, and complete the program."

All kidding aside, I can truly say that studying Morals and Dogma provided a rich and valuable insight into the Scottish Rite, that I had never would have been able to receive by the dramas alone.

Now, this is not a course for the faint of heart.Don't think you're going to finish it in a couple of evenings or a week end. This course is a marathon, but anyone who has the desire to learn and some discipline can do it. For, with much toil, there are great rewards.

I used to be a runner until an injury stopped ended that for me. When I was running, I often found myself looking out the window at work, anxiously waiting to get off work, to go for a five to seven mile run. After a few weeks with Albert Pike, I found myself with almost the same feeling. intensely, anxiously waiting to crack open the cover and look at the questions, to see what I would discover, or the problems to ponder.

I had already completed the Scottish Rite Program I, The Symbolic Lodge, and Program II, Scottish Rite Historical and Ritual. Those courses were informative and enjoyable.

I have now completed the trifecta, as I call it, but with the Minnesota winter coming I'm not sure how I will spend those long Winter nights. I'm debating between learning Latin or returning to snowshoeing.