Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lost Symbol to be release September 15,2009

Dan Brown's newest novel since "The Da Vinci Code" -- "The Lost Symbol" -- is expected to be released by Doubleday Publishing on September 15, 2009.
Many have waited to hear from the author about the book's plot, but little has been said. The publisher has been releasing cryptic teasers on Facebook and Twitter.
There has been much buzz and speculation among my Brothers of the Craft of the book's possible plotlines.
To help you wade through the hype and confusion, and to help you gain better insight of the new book's plot line, I have provided a link below to an excellent article published in the electronic version of the Just click here.
Even if you're not as interested in the book as I am, you will enjoy the article about the Freemasons and the city of Washington D.C.
The photo that you see to your right is the cover that will be released in Germany. I thought it was a nice photo of the Double Headed Eagle......hmmmm.
Personally, I have no intent to purchase "The Lost Symbol". Maybe I'll pick it up at the library or when it hits the thrift stores. But then again, maybe not.