Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Midwest Conference of Grand Masters

Last week I attended the Midwest Conference of Grand Lodges in Sioux Fall South Dakota. I had a chance to enjoy the four hour drive with Senior Grand Warden Brian Beerman.We had an outstanding talk. I'm afraid we could have talked for a few more hours. We were joined by our Grand Master John Cook and Grand Lodge Secretery Doug Campbell.

The Conference is an exchange of ideas and information on what programs are working for them and what approaches they are taking to solving future issues. It's a great place to gain insight and valuable information on common problems that we share.

Every Grand Master had a good report, and it was good to see that one Grand Lodge to our south that starts with a I and ends in an A is using our Minnesota Lodge Recognition Program. Not to name names or anything...

This year I enjoyed hearing about the programs that the Grand Lodge of Michigan is working on. I will admit not only was one of the ideas was cutting edge for Freemasonry. BUT I CANNOT REVEAL THAT HERE...however, if you read on I will tell about one of the Other Projects that they are working on....keep reading.

I think what I enjoy the most is the renewal of friendships at this conference. We have known each other over the years. We have advanced together through our Lines and the Deputy Grands are preparing to advance...if tradition prevails. So it was exciting to see each other and get caught up with each others lives. On Sunday morning after breakfast we shook hands, gave each other a hug and said "Ill see you at your Communication -- Safe Travels, Brother."

The Grand Master of Kansas Kent Needham,Deputy Grand Master Tracy Bloom, Senior Grand Warden Don Newman and Junior Grand Warden Rick Reichert.

The Grand Lodge of Nebraska: Deputy Grand Master Dave Watts, Grand Secretary Bruce Watkins, Junior Grand Warden Rex Moats, and Most Worshipful Master John Parsons.

Not pictured was Senior Grand Warden Bruce Baker......I think he went for a run.

The Grand Lodge of Michigan: Senior Grand Warden Dean Bar, Deputy Grand Master Fred Kaiser, Most Worshipful Grand Master Frank Praria.

Author and Brother Chris Hodapp deep in thought.

The Grand Lodge of Michigan started a great project to help the local lodges in providing information telling the public who Masons -- which they do at community events. They have developed a traveling display booth as you see above, with signage that tells of their program, Share the Secret.

It is a trailer that can be towed from their Grand Lodge to any local event. Inside the trailer is the tent, table, chairs, tee shirts, plus printed literature talking points to inform the people attending the booth. It contains everything that you need to host a public information event.

Sorry I took a photo of the Power Point slide.....should I have been taking photos during such a meeting????
My Grand Master of Minnesota John Cook.

The Nebraska Sojourners and Grand Master John Parsons. They performed a Lodge of Military Tribute. I enjoyed it very much and would like to see it performed here in Minnesota for our Brothers.

My Friend and Author of "Freemasons for Dummies," Chris Hodapp. Doesn't he look great! He has lost 60 pounds so far. I purchased two more copies of the book. It was my 15th and 16th copy......I keep giving them away. Chris doesn't mind and reminded me not to worry -- he will print more!

Grand Master Dean Behrens did a great job in every aspect of the planning and preparation. Of course his lovely Bride Donna had a lot to do with it as well.

Next year the Conference will be held here in Minnesota......Do you think they would like to have a tour of one of my favorite places? The Spam Museum? I better get to work!

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Christopher Hodapp said...

It was indeed a terrific and informative event. And I stopped on the way home long enough to snap a picture of the Spam Museum, along with the Jolly Green Giant. Minnesota has all the cool stuff.