Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Top Ten Reasons to Become a Mason

I'm planning to attend the Midwest Conference of Grand Masters in Souix Falls, South Dakota next weekend. I have been looking over my notes from last year's conference in Ohama, Nebraska in my preparation. I'd like to take a moment to share with you some of the comments of the Past Grand Master of Iowa Jack Butler's speech. The Most Worshipful said that every Mason should be able to tell their friends and family at a moment's notice, the reasons and benefits of becoming a Free Mason. He then recited the 10 reasons provided below. I could not agree more -- that we all need to have prepared in our minds and hearts a short talk or reasons why someone that we think is qualified should join us in the Craft. I hope that you find these of use.


1. A place where you can confidently trust every person and trust your family with them also.

2. A place where, within moral and civil guidelines; free thought, free speaking and the spiritual growth of man, can grow into its fullest potential.

3. A place to meet outstanding individuals from all walks of life, that a person would not otherwise have had the opportunity to know and call brother.

4. A place to be part of an organization which has for its principal tenets – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

5. A place that provides self-development opportunities, leadership training and experience, and to improve public speaking skills.

6. A place you can go to seek support as well as give it.

7. A place where moral virtues are taught and through these teachings a regular reinforcement of the moral virtues is experienced.

8. A place to spend time with a group of brothers, who by acting as good men, make me want to become a better man. Not better than others, but better than I would have otherwise been.

9. A place to become better equipped to serve Church and community.

10. A place to meet with established members of the community and to become a part of the community.

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