Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Green Beans the Unofficial Masonic Vegetable

I was in the store the other day and happened to see that Green Beans were on sale.It being Labor Day made me think of childern returning to school and us returning to our Masonic Lodges from our Summer break.
Ive been anxious these last few weeks as I am sure you have to return to our home lodges. I am looking forward to renew old friendships and to see the faces of the new Brothers. As I am tying my apron I hope to hear hear new fishing tales of the one that got away or bigger than life stories of golf games involving holes in one. After a few hearty laughs and a few big hugs I urn to hear the sound of the Gavel to take my seat and to get to work.
I can't wait for that first plate of the lodge meal is passed to me with a big heap of the Unofficial Masonic vegetable, green beans upon it. I dont care if they are canned, frozen, fresh, steamed, boiled or in a casserole. For when I see them on my plate I know Im back in a place where I belong....and a place where my heart is content, where I am safe . Im in a Free Masons Lodge.
So when I was in the store I picked up a few large cans of these to maybe give like a house warming gifts to lodges that I may visit or maybe Ill give them to my Sister who hates them

So I hope this month you will visit your lodge and tell me about what you did over the summr.

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