Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351

Sir Winston Churchill is an affinity masonic lodge organized around the themes of the British Ritual or sometimes called Emulation. The lodge was chartered in 2009.I am kind of thrilled for I actually signed the Charter as the Senior Grand Warden. What an honor to have your signature preserved on a lodge charter for the years to come.
We have formed many special relationships with lodges that are very similar to ours.
Martello Lodge of Essex England
Internet Lodge #9659
Granite Lodge #446 of Fort Francis Canada
Ben Franklin Lodge #83 of Madison Wisconsin
Cinninatus Lodge #76 of Washington DC
They have all visited us, and we have or are making plans on visiting them very soon. It is a real treat for all when they are here.
Our meetings are held eight times a year in members' homes. The other four lodge nights are held in selected lodges across the metro area. The calendar is made up twelve months in advance and published. So it's easy for visitors to come and spend an evening with us. We do like to have a reservations so we can set another plate at the table.
Our lodge is filled with great Masons and leaders. Most are Past Masters or sitting Masters. We have a few Past Grand Masters and me the Deputy Grand Master. There are also Custodians and Monitors of the Ritual. Bottom line is that we all share the same passion for Freemasonry. That shared passion only creates a closer bond as Brothers.

We want to keep the lodge small. Sixty members. This way everyone is expected to contribute to betterment of the lodge. You may be an Officer or on a committee or assigned tasks and projects. We all pitch in and do our share. It makes us feel that we are actually contributing and making a difference. We don't want to "belong to another lodge" and we didn't join just to have another dues card in our wallet. We are very active. We are a little lodge that gets things done !

One of the things I like that we do is that every month the Lodge Secretary sends out a Summons. We are expected to appear for the lodge event or provide a good excuse to the Secretary. My Grand Lodge visits are wholeheartedly excused. But I must admit when I miss the meeting I really feel I missed out on something special.

Our Chef and Host for the evening, Worshipful Jason Berger.

I had never had a deep fried turkey before. I found it to be very tasty -- Jason did a nice job. I watched him prepare the turkey and I was impressed with his safety procedures.

Myself and Ted Martz after the meeting and dinner. It was a nice cool evening to be outside where I enjoyed one glass of red wine and a cigar. This is where we can have a meaningful discussion for 30 to 45 minutes. Most of the discussions are focused.

Worshipful Brother and PHD Paul Hardt our Lodge Education Officer, as he was leading the discussion. Tonight's topic was Sir Winston Churchill during the Battle of Britain. Every meeting has a well planned education program.

This is a quick overview of a great lodge. I hope you enjoyed it or perhaps gave you a few ideas on how to help your lodge.

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