Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zuhrah goes to Denver with the Grand Master

I was invited by the Minnesota Shrine Temples to join them to attend the 137 Imperial Shrine Session which was held in Denver Colorado. It was my first time Id ever been to a Imperial Session, and didnt want to pass up the opportunity. I had a great advantage over some other Grand Masters. Not only am I a Shriner but I am also a proud member of Zuhrah and my love runs deep for them.So I was not just a tag a long, but an a accepted Brother.

There is no better image for a parade than a Shriner driving a small car-dont ya just love it!
In this photo you see only Verl Raap, and Tim Jirak. But everyone from Zuhrah was just as special-Ted Martz and his wife Lori (she is a Saint right Ted!),Tony Kroll and Bev,Gary Sibben and his Son Justin, Al Niederhaus,Ross Hjermstad(who got me to sing songs performed by the Monkees---oh gosh) John Hanson, Mike LaVine,Brad Roberts,Jim Burlingame,and Darryl Metzger-who got me to laugh till I couldnt breath sometimes)
Every day we ate together,went to the sessions, talked,smoked Cigars,talked,laughed,they provided so much insite in Shrinedom,did I say talked and laughed?
Their cordial manner and smiles made you feel so welcome and accepted.I am thinking Im going to stay near these folks and Zuhrah for a long time.

Those zany guys from Zuhrah. I think Tim is checking his tan line.
This was a beauitful was huge. I wish I could drive it sometime.

I did find and talked with the Brothers from Osman, but never found the guys from Duluth

This was a trip I will always remember thank you!

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