Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Wing #8 is a Special Place

Red Wing Lodge#8 is a special place for me especially at their December Stated meeting. There is nothing ordinary about it.
The Grand Master of Minnesota Masons John Cook came personally to install the Officers after a beautiful meal.
It was good to see that the lodge Officers had all the Chairs filled with willing and eager Officers.
There were Awards given out as well. This years Hiriam Award was given to Jr. Past Master Ethan Seaberg.Ethan may have protested, but I couldnt have been happier for him. Ethan is very deserving.

Visitors come from far and wide to spend the evening. Last night Lebanon Lodge of Shakopee, and Montgomery Lodge of St Paul brought many members. It was such a pleasure to have the dining room filled with voices and laughter.

Worshipful Brother Gary Thomas does most of the food preparation.He usually prepares Masonic dishes known to lodges across the world. Last night was his famous Maine Oyster Stew. You can't see all of the oysters because of my love for crackers.It is such a simple dish but the flavor is out of this world. The alternative dish was a out standing vegetation Curry. I had bowls of each. I'm not telling how many bowls either.

Gary always makes his famous Christmas Pudding for this meeting . I have several photos for get a good look at it for those not familiar with the dish.
This is a dish that is very dark in appearance from all the dark sugars used. Its filled with dried fruits, nuts and suet and maybe a touch of Brandy.It was topped off with a hard Sauce.
Since my Masonic Blog is turning into something you would find on the Food Network. I will not go into the complex flavors that this heavenly dish gave me.
We were given a big treat when the lights were turned down and the pudding was aflame with blue and purple flames.

There is nothing ordinary about the Brothers of Red Wing lodge. If you have an opporunity I highly recommend you go and share the experience.

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