Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Wing Table Lodge

Last evening I had the honor of attending Red Wing Lodge #6 Table Lodge. It was held in one of Minnesota's great hotels, The St. James Hotel. Of course if you knew the Worshipful Master Ethan Seaberg, and the Past Master Gary Thomas, you would know that everything they do is a class act and no detail is overlooked. Last night was no different.

The social hour was a homecoming of sorts for me. For I haven't seen all of the Brothers in one place for some time now. There were several lovely wives I also got to meet as well and reacquainted with others. Ethan had one of the new brothers play the grand piano. Matt played a very impressive selection of pieces: jazz, popular, classical, among others. He played for 90 minutes non stop all from memory! I had a chance to get to know Matt a little. He is a Law Enforcement student at a major Minnesota college. But he earns his money to attend college as a professional bowler. I can see a Masonic bowling team coming up in my future.

I took a break from the wonderful conversation and tried some fablous appetizers. There was a Stilton cheese that deserved a nice glass of red wine. It was a perfect combination that was memorable.

Dinner started with the Master of the Lodge Ethan giving a few toasts. As we started our salad, we could hear the tornado sirens going off in the background. We all looked at one another and ate a little faster... As the sirens grew louder, my table companions said to each other "I don't hear anything -- do you hear anything?"

The hotel staff then required us to evacuate the room and ushered us into the safety of the basement. I was the last person out so I took the photos. The basement was very secure and pleasant. I stood near the stairs in case anyone needed assistance. There was a large mother daughter pajama party going on in the hotel, so I also offered my assistance to them as well (I am a police officer and duty always calls). Now my Brother Shawn Carrick and his beauitful wife Ann informed me that they had the most fun meeting a group of entertaining people in the basement bar!
I never thought of that... next time I'll follow Shawn.

As we waited for only about thirty minutes the all clear was given and we returned to our festive board up stairs.

Worshipful Master Ethan Seaberg of Red Wing Lodge and Master of Ceremonies. He performed an outstanding job and kept us laughing and on time.

The guest Speaker of the evening Grand Inspector General of the Minnesota Scottish Rite. My Brother Jerry is my personal favorite Masonic Speaker. He is the kind of speaker that holds you on the edge of your seat, can tug on your heart strings, and feel very proud to be a Freemason -- all at the same time.

I think Jerry is so good, he could read the Minneapolis phone book aloud and captivate us.Our Inspector General is truly a Big Tent Mason and I am very proud to know him.

Even though I was considering staying in the room and helping myself to the buffet, staffperson Val held firm to her duty to ensure I was safe in the basement. Despite the fact that I offered her half of the apple pie that I had my eye on!
Of course at the end of the night as I was one of the last ones to leave. I thought what a nice night that was filled with caring friendship, good food, and even alitle excitment. The Red Wing Table Lodge will be a wonderful memory for many years to come.

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