Saturday, June 19, 2010

Giving Blood the Gift of Life-follow up story

The office I went to was very nice...a very welcoming environment. The Staff was great and asked me 50 questions during the screening process and took my temperature and blood pressure. I had to show my ID. They didn't laugh at my weight on my driver's license! And they said it was such a flattering photo!!

Then we went into a larger area where there were others donating blood, plasma, and platelets. Some were reclining with blankets and watching DVDs, looking comfortable.
These chairs are really quite comfy. I wouldn't mind having one in front of my TV. Once we got started, the donation really didn't take very long. 20 minutes or so.
You know a Mason by his actions.
It didn't hurt a bit either........................

This poster promotes the need for Type O blood. Does that describe you? I am O+. (My wife is just A+).

They are very happy to do anything to make you comfortable at the Memorial Blood Center.

Battle of the Badges runs through June 30. Donate today! You can make a difference!

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