Monday, December 30, 2019

Allied Masonic Degrees

Minnesota Council # 111 Allied Masonic Degrees

This is the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Council #111 Allied Masonic Degrees. We are located in Minneapolis Minnesota. Our group is a invitational body that is  limited to 27 members. We meet four times a year for the purpose of researching and studying what is called "Detached Degrees" That is simply Degrees that were once conferred by Craft Lodges in the United States and Great Britain that are no longer practiced.There are Seventeen Degrees that are the focus of our study and research. 

There are many benefits to this type of formation of a group. I find that people who are genuinely interested in the study of old rituals come prepared to part take in sharing their thoughts of their study and research.The discussions are very lively and all take an active role. 

I am so interested I also belong to Johnny Nelson Council #252 Allied Masonic Degrees which is located in Owatonna, Minnesota. Belonging to two Councils allows me to go to eight meetings a year. 

Tonight seventeen of our members showed up on a very snowy and windy Minnesota Winter night. We all knew that the roads were filled with ice, snow, and traffic would be slow and snarly. To us that's a cheap price to pay for an evening of great food, brotherly love, and  intellectual stimulation. 

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