Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Masons at Sea

Just a few days ago I was sitting in the solarium on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. I was drinking coffee and writing an outline for a Royal Arch education program. As I was twirling my pen searching for a better word to use I gazed around the ship. My eyes came upon a gentleman near me reading. Being a lover of books, and a hellacious reader I was wondering what book he was reading.
As I took a closer look I realized it was " Capitular Development Course by Piers Vaughan.
 I walked over to him and said " Brother is that Piers Vaughan book? I then introduced myself, and we shook hands. Meet Richard Petty the Right Excellent Grand King of the Royal Arch Masons ot Tennessee.Him and his wife were on vacation, and Richard was getting caught up on his reading.
If tradition prevails Richard will be elected as Grand High Priest in less than a month.
During the cruise we had a several conversations and of course they were all about our favorite subject...The Craft.
Also on the cruise I met a group of Brothers from Franklin Tennessee. They had brought their newest Entered Apprentice and one of their goals was to help him learn his ritual. I thought that was a great idea. 


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