Friday, February 9, 2018

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Minnesota Grand York Rite Session

Top Ten Reasons to attend the Grand York Rite Session

1.       To Fulfill your obligation

It’s the duty of the Dais Officers and the Secretery/Recorder of every constituent Chapter, Council, and Commandery to attend their respective Annual Grand Session in person or by their duly authorized representative, to take their part in deliberations. If you are unable to do so the proper proxy form must be filled out and presented.

2.       Opportunity to learn something new

Attend one of the Break-Out Sessions that have been planned. Royal Arch Grand Secretery Gary Odegard will be explaining any new developments, Web Hosting and will answer any questions no matter how complex or simple. Grand Chapter Education Officer Tom Hendrickson will be conducting an inter-active educational session with a surprising entertaining twist. Be present at the introduction of the exciting and new York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program. .Learn more about the Holy Land Pilgrimage. Tom Hendrickson has recently returned and will be sharing his experiences.

3.       Connect and Re-connect

The Session is a gathering of York Rite Masons from across the state and beyond. It’s a great place to re-connect with old friends and make new friends who share the interest in the Ancient Craft.

4.       Exchange Ideas and develop New Ideas

Are you wondering how successful Chapters, Councils and Commanderies are getting things done? You have an opportunity to meet the state and local leaders to get personal advice to help make your Chapter Council and Commandry better. Its also the perfect place to share with others what successes you have experienced.

5.      Join a new Order

If you are a Past High Priest or the current High Priest of your Royal Arch Chapter. You are eligible to join the Order of the High Priesthood. If you’re a Past Commander of the Commandery you are eligible to join the Past Commanders Association. 

6.      Want to Honor Masonic Youth?

Then you will want to be present at the dinner on Thursday For the Youth Awards Presentation.

7.      Looking to Escape?

This year the session is held at the St. Cloud Courtyard Marriott. A hotel with nice rooms, good food that’s not that far away. It’s a great place to bring the love of your life, or a good place to sit with your brothers and smoke a cigar. Either way it’s a nice place to get away from the stresses of life.         

8.      Ring in the York Rite New Year

The Grand York Rite Session reflects a new beginning at a at a state-wide level. Come meet and greet the new leaders and hear what plans they have in store. Get inspired and          harness the enthusiasm that can last all year.

9.      Want some fun and raise money for charity?

For those with a sense of humor The Order of the Lotus is a fun way to spend part of the evening and the money raised will go towards the three York Rite Charites. Wives are cordially welcome to attend.

10.  The Business

Even on a state-wide level we need to discuss budgets, and pay the bills. This is your opportunity to see firsthand how your per capita is being spent. Each of the bodies have done a very good job in stream lining this portion of meetings. But it’s a job that must be done.


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