Friday, August 12, 2016

Masonic Knowledge and Some Advice

Last evening I had the wonderful opportunity to go to my Minneapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite. It was the big Summer event. After meeting a large group of perspective members, and a great dinner of bar-b-q. I was presented my certificate for the completion of the Master Craftsman-History and Ritual.

It took me maybe 10 or 11 months to complete it. I took last Summer off so that's partly why it may have taken me so long. This course covered all of the Scottish Rite degrees and historical perspective.
The Questions were clear and easy to understand, and the people correcting them did a very good job in trying to mail it back as soon as possible.

 Now here in Minneapolis we do all the degrees TWICE a year in the full form. Oh its a beautiful pageant with all the Actors in full costume and make up. There are stage back drops, with a sound committee, and lighting so its a full theatrical performance.  It truly is a treasure! I often brag about it, and when I met Sovereign Grand Commander Ronald Serle I  reminded him of the great work we do.
And in Minneapolis we have dinner before the degrees so you have time to talk and make new Brothers.

Did I learn anything during the course? No not really.I described it to my Masonic Scholar friends as a wonderful tour thru Albert Pikes immigration.Yes I would be more than happy to buy you a Cup or a Pint and explain my reasons.

I have just sent off  for the next Master Craftsman Esoterika. I truly enjoy learning and will give me another chance to look at the Blue lodge thru another tint of glass. Now Im using the next course only to warm me up for the York Rite Companion Adept program. Im working up to my Masters in Masonic Knowledge. Oh and  Ill sign up for French lessons and my Winter will be complete.Well a little Cross Country sking will be in the mix as well.

So if you are looking to expand your Masonic knowledge. I highly recommend you continue on and join the Royal Arch and finish your education. For the York Rite is Ancient Craft Freemasonry in the purest sense.For in the Royal Arch you will learn the rest of what was intended for you to be a full Mason. The Royal Arch completes the circle.

Think about it.... in the Blue lodge you learned a substitute word..The Royal Arch will give you the true word.So if your interested in learning the true Anchient Craft Freemasonry consider joining the Royal Arch.The Royal Arch is the authority. Everything else may teach you like things or similar or resemblances of  the Craft Freemasonry, but why accept imitations.
You may want to join my Royal Arch Chapter. We don't just have a meal before the meeting..We eat like Men! and everyone one of my fellow Companions and I enjoy very lively fun conversations and true Brotherhood.

If you want to go to a school of philosophy, and learn in the Albert Pike fashion I highly suggest you join the Scottish Rite. I highly recommend you don't fool around but join the Minneapolis Valley for its not just done right but its magnificat.A little dinner two plays the evening is complete.

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