Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why I am a Royal Arch Mason

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Why I am a Royal Arch Mason

·        I’ve learned the True Word of Master Mason

·        I know how to receive my wages from the Senior Warden

·        I’m a member of the oldest Rite in Freemasonry

·        I didn’t stop at the 2.5 Degree-I went on to complete the Third Degree

·        I wanted to learn all the Secrets of Freemasonry

·        I read the first 3 Chapters-I wanted to finish the book

·        I’ve made many new friends from other local Lodges

·        I’ve participated in some of the most beautiful rituals in Masonry

   Provide by the Royal Arch Masons-Grand Chapter State of New York
     Grand High Priest Piers A. Vaughan 2014


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