Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You know you’re a Freemason if….

See if you can relate to all 22 of these Masonic traits. Take the test and see how many you may identify with.

1.  When you look at your vacation pictures, you realize that every day you are wearing a different Masonic tee shirt.

2.  Your neighbors think you are a waiter working at a fine restaurant because they see you wearing a tuxedo most evenings.

3.  You can keep a secret.

4.  When stopped by a police officer you hand him your dues card instead of your license.

5.  When you see an older building you scrutinize it for Masonic symbols and cornerstones.

6.  When you’re driving down the street  and you see a car ahead of you with a square and compass emblem, you race a head and pull alongside to see if you recognize the driver.

7.  When you open your desk top drawer or dresser you see your dues card collection.

8.  If you see a man wearing a ring or a lapel pin, you look to see if it is a Masonic ring or pin.

9.  The only home cooking you get is at lodge.

10.  When you are in church you say SMIB at the conclusion of a prayer when the rest of the congregation says Amen.

11.  You drive through parking lots looking for Masonic bumper stickers.

12.  Your favorite chair at home faces east.

13.  When you stop at a crosswalk and after you look to see if it is safe to walk you knowingly stop off as a Entered Apprentice.

14.  You have a love hate relationship with canned green beans.

15.  You Google historical figures or people currently in the news to see if they are Freemasons.

16.  When you knock on someone’s door you expect them to knock back.

17.  When you see your doctor for pain in your elbow, and he asks if you have been playing tennis, you say no, been flipping pancakes.

18.  If you start most sentences with the phrase, “when I was a Master…”.

19.  Your wife informs you she is expecting and you secretly (for a fleeting moment) wish to name the child (if it is a boy) Hiram or Mason.

20.  After coffee in the morning you look at your Masonic ring and say to yourself, compass points in or out today?

21.  You think real men wear aprons.

22.  You don’t like to walk counter clockwise.

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