Monday, April 4, 2011

Great Idea to Raise Money fror the Shrine Hospitals

The Long and the Short of It – Shrine Sporting Clays Association Going on its fifth year, the Yaarab Shriners out of Georgia has taken their skill and passion and made it into a local and national event to support and raise monies for The Shrine Hospitals for Children. Clay shooting has become a popular sport and past time, so it was an easy decision to tap into their interests to raise monies for the Shriners Children Hospitals and reach out to potential members for Yaarab Shrine to bring greater awareness of the organization and the Shrine Hospitals for Children. The success of Shrine Sporting Clay Association has attracted national attention and others look to their organization for ways of making their own events successful. To learn more about Shrine Sporting Clays Association and ways they have made this event and others successful; please visit their website,

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