Friday, July 23, 2010

King Solomon's Temple in Brazil

The Brazilian Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has commissioned Architect Rogerio Silva de Araujo to build a full size replica of King Solomons Temple in Brazil's Capital San Paulo. The Temple will provide a super sized building and services to the capital city. It will tower over the city at 180 feet tall, have seating capacity for 10,000 people, provide classroom space for 1,300 children, TV and radio studios, and parking spaces for 1,000 cars. The temple will also house a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Church officials wish for the building appearance to be as authentic as possible. They have taken extra measures to ensure that. They have signed an $8 million dollar contract with a company to import stones for the building. The stones will come from Jerusalem, just like the stones used to build the original temple in Israel. Bishop Edir Macedo posted in his blog that the new building stones were witness to the powers of God 2,000 years ago.

It is expected that the project will cost around $200 million dollars and take approximately four years to complete.

Here is something I was thinking about....Do you think the Architect is a Freemason? If so, do you think on one of those long nights of working late, as he is sitting at his drafting table, and as he stares at his drawing... thinking on how to solve a problem... Perhaps he puts his pencil to his mouth and wonders to himself, "What would Hiram do?"

The above photo is a YouTube video of the artist's concept drawing that I thought you might enjoy. If you speak or understand Portuguese you will enjoy it even more.

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