Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day-First Article

I just love editional cartoons, and the cartoons that capture our thought of everyday life. The kind of thought we think but are afraid to say aloud. Some one shared these with me so I dont know where they came from or who the artist is. So I cant give them credit for their work. But if I ever had the chance to find out I would like to shake their hand and tell them that I think they captured the average Americans thank you!
I hope you have a moment to look at these and take a moment to think about all of those who gave up their tomarrow so we may have a today.
Some of us may not understand so Ill try it this way...The United States was born and maintained in blood.The blood of men and women who died so we may live in freedom today.

Or as I like to say....You can burn your Bra, your Draft Card, and the American Flag in the streets and scream to the heavens in protest of what ever your cause.....because you live in Freedom bought to you by the Americas Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and the Marines.
"All the Way"
Tom Hendrickson
Once served proudly US ARMY

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