Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heres a Great Lodge !

I had the great opportunity to spend some time with the Brothers of Albert Pike Lodge in Hopkins Minnesota this past Saturday to help them celebrate Main Street Days. I love this lodge because its an old fashion Masonic lodge that is constantly using new ideas to gain exposier to the community and gain new members. All the while upholding the traditional Masonic principils and the work.

The white things attached to the fence is a small table or ledge. The crowds of people can belly up to the counter order a Brat or Hot dog and eat in comfort. Or they can walk into the lodge and sit for awhile and rest their sore feet, and get a tour of the lodge.This picture was taken very early but by 2pm there was an expected 500 customers and positive contacts with the members of the city.
Heres a few things about the lodge you may not know. Currently the city of Hopkins is a first ring surburb of the city of Minneapolis. But in 1900 the city was a bustling town of 1600 citzens.There were 34 businesses, one grade schoo with 300 pupils and the cross roads for five rail roads. There were several franternal but not a Masonic lodge. There was 66 men who lived in the town but they traveled to to surronding lodges. I think the thought of traveling the Country roads another Winter mayhave created interest in forming a Masonic Lodge.
The Lodge received their Charter on October 20, 1901. They met like many new lodges at a store in town until they could build a lodge. They completed this building you see on October 15, 1902.Albert Pike lodge has operated non stop in this building ever since. The Brothers have taken great care of it over the years and I can testify that they have done the work themselves.
This Masonic Lodge is very well know in its community. Albert Pike Lodge has won awards from the city, the Histroical Society, and the Council of the Arts.I think that I can say that if there is an event in the City of Hopkins Albert Pike Lodge is involved in some big or small fashion.They are Relevant to their community.

The fat guy on the left is myself( the diet is going well 30 pounds so far) and the Brother on the Right is Lodge Secretery Marty Olazowka. A great man and Brother. Please remember this picture because rarely do you see Marty without a crisp white shirt and a snappy bow tie.

Alittle rain kept the crowds away Im afraid. But it was a nice time with the Brothers

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