Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colors on King Street

Parades are something that all towns across America love to sponsor. This is a photo of a parade that took place in Alexandria VA last week. Most home town parades have the flags at the front of the parade. Those flags are carried by Policeman, Shriner's, American Legion color guards. I think Alexandria VA and a few other East Coast towns are pretty lucky because they get the Honor Guard -Old Guard to their parade.

This photo was taken by my friend Jeff Egge. He is on loan from the Minneapolis Police department to a Think Tank out there in Washington. Jeff is a Senior DeMolay and he took this photo because he knows how much I love the Masonic Washington Memorial. If you look in the background you will see it.

Every morning Jeff takes the train to work and he passes the memorial on the way to work and gives me a daily update.

Thanks Jeff for sharing this beautiful photo with us.

I highly recommend you click on the photo to enlarge it. The colors are breathtaking.

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