Sunday, March 28, 2010

Notes from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota

The Grand Master of Iowa Craig Hummell proposed to Grand Master Tom McCarthy a few months ago that if the Iowa Cyclones lost to the Minnesota Gophers in the Insight Bowl, that MWB McCarthy would have to pose for photos clad in Iowa State Cyclones apparel. And if the Gophers won, then MWB Hummell would have to don Gopher gear. Well, you all know that the Gophers lost to the Cyclones, and here are the photos.

MWB Craig was also so kind to provide a gift to me as well. Thanks Craig! It is a nice hat. I try not to wear it when I am with MWB Tom McCarthy, or MWB Steve Johnson, who also is an avid Gophers fan.

Some of the visiting Dignitaries

The Grand Lodge of Manitoba Canada each year presents to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota the traveling trophy. Then in June the GrandMaster of Minnesota returns the gavel back at the Manitoba Annual Communication.
The Gavel is made by an American with Canadian Maple. A Canadian made the box, of American Oak. It is truly a gift of Brotherly Love.

This gavel has a lot of stories. A few times Border guards believed it was a weapon. So it was explained that it was for Ceremonial use only.
Other times its holders have arrived at the Border only to remember that they forgot the gavel at home. So there have been a lot of late arrivals.

Look out! If that button pops it could kill somebody. My diet starts Monday.

Minnesota Jobs Daughters

This is John Studell of Minnehaha Lodge in Minneapolis.
John is Grand Master Cook's appointee to the Grand Lodge Progressive line. If tradition prevails John will be the Grand Master in 2017.

I couldn't be happier for John to join the Line. John brings a wealth of personal resources to the Craft: he is a Custodian of the work, John has a brilliant mind, a compassionate heart, and lives Freemasonry. The only question was not if John was going to be appointed to the line but when?

I thank my Supreme Architect for friends like John in my life.

Its a great day for John, and the Craft.

This is our new MW Grand Master, John Cook, and his Masonic Father Neil Neddermeyer.

Doesn't he look dapper in his top hat?

If you click on the photo you will see why this is not the Official Portrait.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master Of Minnesota John Cook.

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