Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Portrait of Geroge Washington to be Unveiled

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association has commissioned the painting of a new portrait of George Washington as a Freemason. It was painted by Christopher Erney, an artist from the Alexandria Virginia area.

Chris's first love is sculpture. He has created sculpture for the the US Olympic Team, and the US Treasury. Chris is no stranger to painting George Washington. He spent two years painting a mural the length of four football fields in Alexandria Virginia. This giant mural is a 12-scene montage of George Washington's life. This mural project was designed to replace a ten foot chain length fence to beautify a bike path to cover a controversial electrical generating power plant. Go here for interesting information about the artist and his work.

I am planning on being in attendance at the Conference of Grand Masters when the painting is unveiled on February 22, 2010 celebrating George Washington's 278th birthday. I am looking forward to seeing this new interpretation of Brother Washington. I am hoping that I will be able to return home with a print.

While I am there I am also looking forward to seeing the White House Stone Exhibit. There are fifty stones that will be on display. Each of the stones were marked by the Scottish Masons who helped build the White House in the 1790s. It was during the during the Harry S Truman presidency that they were discovered during the restoration of the White House. Brother Truman sent one stone to each Grand Lodge. The Minnesota Stone will be on display among the others. I am excited because the Minute Book from Edinburgh Lodge #8 will also be displayed.

This Minute Book will provide the the names and marks of the Stone Masons who had gone to America. Matching those names with the Minute Book from Federal Lodge #1 will show the Scottish Masons who formed the First Lodge in Washington DC on the White House grounds. I am expecting to identify the name and Mark of the Mason who marked the Minnesota Stone.

Then I will attempt to create a biographical paper on him.