Saturday, December 26, 2009

We meet by the Light of the Full Moon

In the early days, many Masonic lodges used to organize their meeting nights to coincide with the phase of the full moon. This had a lot to do with the fact that transportation was very poor then. Getting from home to lodge was often a problem. Having lodge the same night as a full moon was to help ensure the brothers traveling to and from lodge would have the advantage of the bright moon to aid them in navigating on the rough country roads and footpaths.

As transportation and roads improved, and since many Grand Lodges insisted that lodges meet upon fixed dates, many lodges gave up the old practice.

I understand that there are less than 500 "moon lodges" in the United States today.

My first experience with a "Moon Light Lodge" was a very memorable one. I was making a Grand Lodge visit to Accacia Lodge #51 in Cottage Grove Minnesota. As I was driving to the lodge the moon was big, full and shining brightly over the pine trees. The light of the moon allowed me to see a large jack rabbit and pheasants in a field covered in snow. It was one of those beauitful sub-zero Minnesota nights.

Following the stated meeting and a wonderful dinner, the Worshipful Master and Wardens presented me with a key fob. On the back side all the dates of the full moon were printed on it to help the brothers remember lodge night dates.

So I have added a Moon Phase indicator icon to the blog. This is to aid any brother in planning his Calendar and is reminiscent to the days of Freemasonry before us.