Monday, October 12, 2009

Its a 200th Birthday Celebration

I will be attending the 200th Anniversary and Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Ohio this week October 16 and 17th in Toledo Ohio.

The Bicentennial celebration will begin with a loud bang. On the evening of October 16th a Gala of Fireworks will entertain all of the attendees and the citizens of Toledo.

I wish I had time to sneak away and join the ladies' program. They will visit the Toledo Museum of Art, one of America's finest art museums. Its seven buildings hold 30,000 pieces of all kinds of Art. From neoclassical, art deco, to post modern and many other kinds -- many of which I am unfamiliar with. The buildings are located on 32 acres of green space and outdoor sculptures. It looks like a marvelous place.

Its going to be a celebration with Grand Master Charles Murphy and the 110,000 Masons of Ohio. I cant wait.