Monday, June 29, 2009

Racial Controversy Pits Masons against Masons

The Atlanta-Journal Constitutuion on Monday June 29th, 2009 has reported that the Grand Lodge of Georgia Free and Accepted Masons has been named in a Civil Lawsuit filed by one of its subordinate lodges Gate City #2 of Atlanta. The suit states that the Grand Lodge is trying to disband the local lodge because it accepted a Black man as a member.(Brother)

The 31 page lawsuit filed in Dekalb County Superior Court states that: The Worshipful Master Michael J Bjelajac and the members of Gate City Lodge #2 accepted a 26 year old male Victor Marshal into their membership during the fall of 2008.
Since that time letters have been sent from Douglas Hubert Ethridge and Starling A. "Sonny"Hicks to the Masonic Trial Commission. There statement claim that allowing a non-white man into the group violated the associations Moral and Masonic laws.
The letters are calling for the Worshipful Master Michael Bjelajac to be expelled and the Gate City lodge to be dissolved. Gate City lodge has 190 members including the late Atlanta Mayor
William B Hartsfield.

Gate City lodge is seeking a tempory restraining order to prevent the Trial Commission from convening, and is seeking reembursement for legal charges.

It should be espically noted that the Grand Master J.Edward Jennings wrote a letter in February of this year declaring that Victor Marshals membership is legitimate and that he should be received as a full Mason.

Victor Marshal stated that he does not regret his decision to join and has received e mails supporting him.and he doesnt believe that most Gerogia Masons share the same views as though who brought the Masonic Charges forward.

No one named in the case can comment at this time.

TOLERENCE is a Masonic teaching to be learned and acted upon. Otherwise your just whistling DIXIE.......think about it


The Associated Press just released another storey on this controversy here is the linkhttp://

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