Monday, March 30, 2009

Ohio is doing it -- Maybe we should too!

The Masonic Lodge can often be one of the prominent buildings in many Ohio communities. However in some cases, the public has rarely had the opportunity to step inside. That is about to change. On Saturday, March 21, every Masonic Lodge in the state of Ohio will open its doors for a public open house.

“It’s time for the public to have a chance to see what’s behind those closed doors and to experience some of the genuine fellowship Masons share,” says Charles R. Murphy, Grand Master of Ohio Masons. “Also, it’s a great opportunity to introduce a prospective member to the fraternity.”

Each local Lodge will set its own agenda and schedule for March 21st. The Grand Master has simply asked each to participate.

Multiple Lodges meeting in one building will hold a joint open house. Lodges are also encouraged to work with the appendant organizations meeting in their buildings to give the public a glimpse of the whole Masonic family, including women’s and youth organizations.

“Every Lodge has some house keeping issues that need to be attended to, and a few fresh coats of paint wouldn’t hurt here and there,” says Murphy. “However, I think the renewed relationship with the community will make all the work well worth it.”
Thank-you to The Grand Lodge of Ohio and Grand Master Charles R. Murphy for their Leadership and this article/photo.
Here are some additional ideas that you may want to consider:
Having an Open house is the first step in making your lodge revelant in your community and most importantly an important step in attracting new and retaining members.
Here's a few reasons to have an Open House and Community Involvement Program.
1. These potential new members are in the community and will observe the Masonic lodge in action and will have an opportunity to discover Masonry for themselves.
2. The new millennium generation is more socially responsible and demand that organizations that they join be active in community service.
3. Existing Masons will be proud of their lodge's new role in the community.
4. In order for your lodge to grow you will need an activity that all members can participate in, in some way. Community involvement is one path to take to accomplish just that.
There are opportunities for small lodges of 40 men to large lodges of 300 men to reap the benefits of taking an active part in their community.
Here are a few simple things a lodge can do to make a difference in their community and in their lodge attendance.
*Raise Money for the local Library to purchase books
*Raise Money for the local Fire Department to purchase needed new medical supplies or equipment like a new pumper truck or rescue equipment
*Sponsor a Boy Scout Troop
* Become a role model for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program
* Volunteer with Special Olympics. Become a Coach, fundraiser (or jump in a frozen lake)
* Sponsor or help raise food for the local food shelf
* Volunteer to deliver meals on wheels for the elderly
* Help clean up a city park , local high way, stream, river or lake
* Teach First Aid, CPR, Swimming, Firearms safety, Boating safety
* Volunteer to read at a local school or Library
* Give Blood or sponsor a Blood Drive
* Volunteer for your local community celebration, parade, 4th of July celebration, Rodeo,
Founders Day, etc.
* Help teach reading and literacy skills
Here are just a few easy ways to help make your lodge known in the community. Your members, and the community at large will benefit.
Send me your feedback. Let me know what you have done, that you think has been positive, so that I may pass it on to others.

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