Friday, March 20, 2009

A Nice Masonic Story

I always like to pass on funny jokes or nice stories. I can never remember them when the occassion arises. Here is a story given to me by Brother Tim Davison OF Templar Lodge St. Louis Park,

A salesman breaks down in a remote country lane, a farmer in the adjacent field comes over and they discover that they are "Brothers". The salesman is concerned as he has an important appointment in the local town: "Don't worry says the farmer you can use my car, I will call a friend and get the car repaired while you go to the appointment" Off goes the salesman and a couple of hours later he returns but unfortunately the car is awaiting a part which won’t arrive until the next morning. "It's not a problem," says the Farmer, "use my telephone and re-schedule your first appointment tomorrow, stay with us tonight and I'll see that the car is done first thing!" The farmers' wife prepares a wonderful meal and they share a glass of fine single malt during an excellent evening, the salesman sleeps soundly and when he awakes there is his car, repaired and ready to go. After a full English breakfast the salesman thanks them both for the hospitality. As he and the farmer walk to his car he turns and asks "my brother, thank you so much but I have to ask, did you help me because I am a Mason?" "No" was the reply, "I helped you because I am a Mason" Travel well my Brothers.

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