Tuesday, May 18, 2021

St. Paul Masonic Lodge #3 Building for another One Hundred Years

Past Grand Master of Minnesota Prince Hall Masons and Lodge Secretery Joe Gonzalez

 With the Covid Restrictions just being released by our Minnesota Governor it was my pure pleasure to  get back to Lodge. Tonight I went to St. Paul #3 one of my very favorite Lodges to visit. This smiling Brother who met me is Past Grand Master of Minnesota Prince Hall Masons Joe Gonzalez. Joe is also the Lodge Secretery. 

St. Paul #3 celebrates its Freemasonry in the Traditional Observance style. You will often just see the initials T.O. after the Lodge name. St. Paul #3 resides in Triune Masonic Temple built in 1911. It was built as a Masonic Building, so when you walk in; you walk into a real tradition.  

They had the front worked on in 2017-2018, and now they are under going a major restoration for the rest of the building. 

The building is undergoing a tuck point, and replacement of parts of the wall. The steam heat boiler system was 105 years old. The exterior windows and doors will be replaced as well. 

The Lodge is planning a major fund raising to help pay for it. The cost is just alittle over $400,000 to restore this Masonic Treasure. 

We live in a time, when every month we see in the news that another Masonic Lodge is demolished by the wrecking ball, or a Lodge is sold to a event planning company to hire out for weddings, and bachelor parties. It is heart warming that a Lodge under 80 members are under going fundraising to make an investment in their Lodge, so Freemasonry may be practiced for another 100 years. That's Love and Dedication for the Craft 

I hope you have a chance to visit the Lodge, and if you have an opportunity to help with their fund raising in the future I hope you will. 

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