Monday, January 27, 2020

Minnesota Grand Commandery Selects Pastor to Attend Holy Land Pilgrimage

Pastor Karl Jacobson with members of the Minnesota Grand Commandery

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2020

The Minnesota Grand Commandery is proud to announce that it has selected a Pastor to attend the 2020 Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage. Reverend Dr. Karl Jacobson of the Good Shepard Lutheran Church, located at 4801 France Ave. Edina, Minnesota is the Pastor chosen for 2020. Karl graduated from St. Olaf College in 1996 and was then accepted at Luther Seminary graduating with a master’s in divinity in 1996. He has subsequently served congregations in California, Virginia and Minnesota.

Karl took a break from parish work and returned to school to obtain a doctorate in theology to undergo a more in-depth study of Gods Word. Karl then taught Religion and the Bible at Augsburg College for six years. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the Good Shepard Lutheran Church. 

Karl is married to Angela (who is also a Pastor) and they have five children. In his free time, he enjoys reading, golf, tennis, and watching the Vikings (and simultaneously despising the Packers). Karl is also a published author and he has written many books, written commentaries on Biblical topics, and blogs about the Bible and popular culture.

Pastor Jacobson is very excited to have been selected for the Holy land Pilgrimage. He stated, “I know the gospel and the other biblical stories well, but to walk them, to be in the physical locale will I believe enrich them for me and for my teachings.” He is looking forward to having the opportunity to make a presentation, upon his return, to the Sir Knights of our Grand Commandery.

The Knights Templar Holy land Pilgrimage for Christian Ministers is a program that has been offered from Grand Encampment since 1977. The purpose is to provide an intensive educational and spiritual study with a historical and cultural immersion experience. Sir Knight Tom Hendrickson, who traveled to Israel in 2017 for the same pilgrimage stated, “it’s easy to see why a Pastor who has had the opportunity to walk where Jesus walked, to see the landscapes, to place your hand on the Wailing wall in old Jerusalem, to hear the sounds and see the cultures of the people will gain much that will have a positive effect on the Pastors spirituality, and in his teaching and preaching to his congregations”
The Knights Templar have sent over 3,000 ministers on the pilgrimage over the last 40 years. The Minnesota Grand Commandery has sponsored four Pilgrimage Ministers since 2010. The Grand Commandery has a dedicated fund for the purpose of sponsoring a Minister for which they hold an annual fundraiser to raise funds. The cost of the pilgrimage is approximately $3,400, which includes round trip air travel from JFK airport to Tel Aviv Israel, all lodging, meals, transportation, tour guide, travel Insurance as well as other associated expenses.

For 2020, Zion Commandery has generously provided Pastor Jacobson with additional funds that will assist him with the cost of air travel from Minneapolis to JFK airport in New York city.

If a Commandery would like to sponsor a Minister for next year’s trip please see the requirements on the Holy Land Pilgrimage website and send a recommendation to the Minnesota Grand Commandery Grand Recorder.

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