Saturday, May 26, 2018

York Rite Educational Program

York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program
Thomas Hendrickson-Chair
R. James Luchsinger
Ryan Regnier

Every so often the right people, with the right attitude, with the right vision, with the right knowledge, with the right passion, with the right motivation and right energy come together in a seamless fashion that produce the right results.
Our first meeting was in St. Cloud one evening during the Grand York Rite Session 2017. That one hour conversation took place in a hotel corridor. In the span of that one hour we created a shared vision, and determined we had the right stuff to create a educational program for the entire Minnesota York Rite. Something that has never been done before.
We were fully conscious that this was going to be a daunting and monstrous task that could take an entire year to produce. We understood that it would take hours of burning the midnight oil to keep the pace needed. We were sensitive enough to understand that we would need to remain motivated and encourage each other to stay on task.
That is how the York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program was conceived, and its now ready to use. The program was designed to help you obtain a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation  of all the Degrees, and Orders in the York Rite.
Freemasonry is to Make Good Men Better. If we are to become better we have to study and understand its teaching and apply those lessons to our lives. In the Blue Lodge we are required to “prove up” before the Master as well as demonstrate our knowledge, and dedication to the Craft. But, we as Royal Arch Masons have a higher responsibility to “ disperse”  light and truth to the uninformed Mason. We are also tasked to study and acquire knowledge so we can perform that task.
The York Rite Mentor and Advanced Studies Program is not a test of your memory skills. It is, however,  a test of your willingness to seek out knowledge and improve yourself in Masonry.
It is our overall intent to provide a self-paced program that will walk you through all the various aspects of each of the Degrees and Orders. You will encounter some questions that will require you to think, ponder and do some soul searching because of their esoteric nature. But when you can complete all the questions in that particular degree you will have a very firm grasp of the knowledge of that degree.
The program is in the form of question and answer using multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true-false.
You will need your ritual and manual for the tests. The information booklets like the Quest books will be on line for you to use to assist you. Feel free to use materials in your Masonic Library, on line or your Mentor.
If your Chapter, Council or Commandery is looking for a great Education program we highly recommend you print out the questions and use them in a group discussion. It will be an evening where everyone will learn something. Caution…some of the questions may require you to think, and you may have to find your ritual or use the one on-line.
Some of the R.A.M. Chapter Secretaries are printing them out, and giving them to the new candidates as they progress thru the degrees as a learning tool.
I am please to report to you that this is cutting edge stuff. We have been informed by General Grand Chapter that this is the first on line program like this. We have had four or five calls from other Grand Chapters wanting to see what we have done. There is a buzz about our program.
Our work for this year is done. If you wish to accept the challenge to improve yourself in Masonry now your work lays before you. All you have to do is go to go to Chapter, Council, or Commandery find the Resource page, log on and work through the pages.
If we at the York Rite Education Committee can help you in your further search for More Light in Freemasonry always feel free to call upon us.

Respectfully Submitted
Thomas E. Hendrickson-PGM and Grand Chapter Education Officer

PS If you think this is good, We have bigger plans for next year!

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