Friday, December 16, 2016

Mark Master Quiz


Royal Arch Quiz Night
Mark Master
P.G.M. Tom Hendrickson

1.    How Did the Craftsman carry their work?
a)    On their left shoulder
b)    Between the thumb and fingers of the right hand
c)    In front of them in both hands
d)    In the right hand

2.    What tool did the Overseers use to test the work?
a)    24-inch gage
b)    Plumb line
c)    A Square
d)    Compasses

3.    How did the Overseers dispose of the rejected stone?
a)    Threw it to the ground at the Candidates feet
b)    Over their left shoulder
c)    Over their right shoulder
d)    Into the air

4.    When did the Craftsman receive their wages?
a)    The first hour of the first day of the week
b)    The third hour of the third day of the week
c)    The fifth hour of the fifth day of the week
d)    The sixth hour of the sixth day of the week

5.    What are the working Tools in the Mark Master Degree?
a)    Engravers Chisel and Mallet
b)    Wedge and Mallet
c)    Compass and Chalk
d)    Trowel and Sword

6.    What is the name of the rejected stone?
a)    Cornerstone
b)    Capstone
c)    Perfect Ashlar
d)    Keystone

7.    How many letters are upon the Keystone?
a)    Five
b)    Seven
c)    Eight
d)    None of the Above

8.    What are the letters that are upon the Keystone?
a)    H  T  M  L  A  T  K  S

b)    H  T  W  S  S  T  K  S

c)    H  T  B  S  K S  T  P

d)    H  T  T  F N  B  R  O

9.    To whom is the Lodge Mark Masters erected and dedicated to?
a)    God and the Holy St John
b)    God and King Solomon
c)    God and Hiram Abiff
d)    God and Zerubbabel

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