Sunday, October 2, 2016

Royal Arch Quiz-1

This is the first of five installments of questions and answers that will be posted covering all the degrees of the Royal Arch. At the beginning of each month I will post the quiz, and at the end of the month the answers will be posted. For a complete description of my thoughts. Please see my September 15th posting.

Royal Arch Quiz Night
General Information
P.G.M. Tom Hendrickson

1.    Name the four degrees of the Royal Arch Chapter?

2.    Define the word Capitular

3.    The first three Masonic Degrees are often referred to as the Blue Lodge degrees.
In the York Rite the four Capitular degrees are often referred to as the ________ Degrees. Often referred to as _____ Lodge.

4.    In the United States the York Rite is a series of degrees that were collected together into a progressive system. It is also known as the _____________Rite.

5.    Where in the United States and what Lodge is the first Royal Arch recorded in the United States in 1753? I’ll give you a hint….it was George Washington’s Lodge.

6.    In the 1700s Grand Secretary Lawrence Dermott of the Antients Grand Lodge characterized the Royal Arch as “the root, heart and marrow of masonry and the capstone of the whole masonic system.

In your own words what do you think he meant by that?

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