Friday, January 22, 2016

Black Coffee - Poem by Juan Olivarez

I drink my coffee, hot and black, 

my drug of choice, from ages back.

No cream no sugar, no fancy mug, 
just give me some java, i'll give you a hug.

No fancy coffee shop coffee for me, 

won't pay that much, but don't want it free.
I just want a plain ole cup of joe, 
A white styrofoam cup, ready to go.

It does'nt matter what brand it is, 

strong and black, heavenly bliss.
Wakes me up in the morning, opens my eyes, 
And after two cups I'm ready to fly.

I have coffee at noon, coffee at night, 

And if you mean mouth coffee, I'm ready to fight.
The coffee I've drunk could fill the sea, 

That energized bunny has nothing on me.

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