Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brotherhood on the Road

The Masonic Motorcycle Club International is hosting its annual Conference, Meeting and Elections August 9th thru the 14th 2015 in Batavia New York.

Over 90 members from its 33 chapters have converged for a few days of Freemasonry on two wheels. Its members come from Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Canada, Italy.

The events planned this year as in past years are designed to have full days of visiting the local sites, and eating local food and riding thru the beautiful landscapes.

This year they will visit Niagara Falls, the Erie Canal, Lockport Cave, and will include an 83 mile ride thru Letchworth State Park. Oh..and throw in an ice cream social, wine tasting and some other stuff too. What I think is the premier Masonic visit of the trip will be to the grave site of William Morgan. remember...?  The guy who claimed to be a Freemason and threatened to publish the Masonic secrets, and who mysteriously disappeared in 1820. Known now as "THE MORGAN AFFAIR."

I have found that the Masonic Motorcycle Club is not a bunch of tired old Masons, but are a bunch of active motorcycle enthusiasts who are tied together by Freemasonry.

The Masonic Motorcycle Club has high requirements  compared to others. You have to be a Master Mason in good standing. We encourage active participation, but there is no requirement of attendance or service.

I can say I am a proud member and I only ride a Trek (which they knew when I joined). If you are interested in joining or starting a chapter in your area click on the link below or pick up the phone and give them a call. to get more details.

Keep the shiny side up Brothers - Happy Trails.

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