Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Past Masters Jewel

We are now introduced to the Quadrant, Sextant, and the Sun
The Quadrant  -  Shows the angle of the opened compass.  Now able to measure “due bounds” it is the Past Masters experience of being responsible to ensure that Masons under his jurisdiction made proper use of their own compass while he was Master.  Here the quadrant symbolizes the Past Master’s experience with balance.
The Sextant  -  A navigation tool used to measure altitude, symbolizes that the Past Master had to navigate the course of his Lodge.
Here the sextant symbolizes the Past Master’s qualifications and ability to advise.
The Sun -  We recognize the Past Master as a source of Masonic Light and that he has observed the sun at its meridian height, its setting, and its rising.
Here the sun represents wisdom and the Past Master’s progression up the chairs. 

From Worshipful Master Ivan Smith Cataract Lodge #2 Speech 10-14-2014

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