Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I attended the 122nd Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of North Dakota. It was held on June 17th and 18th in Bimarck North Dakota.

Out going M.W.Brian Burkett did a great job as Grand Master this past year.He had a diffcult job traveling this winter in the middle of Winter blizzards, and having to work long hard hours during this Springs flooding.

In coming Grand Master Lon Kvasager is going to have a outstanding year as well.Im the lucky one this year.For Lons paths and mine will cross many times this year. He is one of the guys I love to just sit and talk and laugh.This is very unusual. Normally contact with other Grand Masters who you have become friends is usually reserved with phone calls and text messaging.
PERFECT EXAMPLE The Grand Master of Nebraska watches the weather channel and he text messages me every time it snows in minnesota........
North Dakota is a place I love to visit and a great place to be a Brother.
Best Wishes LON !

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