Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shrine Hospitals-Inside Story

Hear it here first........................
I have received information from our man on the inside concerning the fate of the Shrine Hospitals. The reliable source stated" We have great news from San Antonio, the motion to close the hospitals has been defeated. More news in the next day or two.

Good news also is the decison to keep the Galveston Texas Burn Hospital open. That will allow 300 employees to return to work. But most important is that the area will have a certified Burn hospital and will make the difference in peoples lives
More info as it developes

Interesting side note. As any good Cop or Reporter ( I guess Im both)I attempted to verify the information. I contacted the Public Relations Persons Sally Mildren for the Shrine Hospitals of Spokane Washington.
Sally stated that "While this information may come as relief, it carries an important caveat: Nothing is final until the organizations annual meeting is adjourned Thursday".
It was a pleasure to speak with Sally and to hear how they are working in many new ways to expand their outreach to reach more Childern and help make positive changes in their quality of life.
Of Course thats why were are here on this earth right? To make a positive change in peoples lives?