Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Random thoughts on Mentoring.

Here is five quick things to consider about Mentoring the new candiates in your lodge

1. To Mentor is to instill in the new Brother a sense of purpose and to help them develop their Masonic identity.

2. The Entered Apprentice stands before you and may be thinking; "Here I am ...I am a rough Ashlar in need of improvement. Place your working tools in my hand and teach me their uses.

3. Coaching is teaching what a new Brother needs to know to be proficient. Thats pretty cut and dry. What we really need to do is support and nuture him and help him achieve his goals in Masonry.

4. Adding a new member to your lodge also adds to your circle of Friends.

5. Our teaching as Mentors will live beyond our lives. Our Mentoring is our gift to our lodge and to the Craft. It becomes our legecy.

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